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Dead links are to papers under revision

  • Yiqiao Bao. Primes of the form $x^2+ny^2$. (pdf)
  • Elle Bower. Impossibility of the classification of finite spaces up to weak homotopy equivalence. (pdf)
  • Alex Burka. Morley's theorem. (pdf)
  • Andrew Burke. Hopf algebras and exotic characteristic classes. (pdf)
  • Yuchen Chen. Fulton's trace formula and elliptic curves over finite fields. (pdf)
  • Roberto Cohen. A motivated introduction to Gromov's h-principle. (pdf)
  • Sam Craig. Schram-Loewner evolution as a universal scaling limit. (pdf)
  • Ari Davidovsky. The number of countable models of a complete theory. (pdf)
  • Kenneth DeMason. Optimal mass transport and the isoperimetric inequality. (pdf)
  • Lihuang Ding. A simpler proof of Atiyah-Segal completion theorem. (pdf)
  • Alex Eastman. Quantum ergodicity on hyperbolic surfaces. (pdf)
  • Joshua Enwright. Some norms for Mackey functors. (pdf)
  • Jacob B. Fiedler (with Schondorf). On the existence and dimension of Besicovitch sets. (pdf)
  • Nitya Gadhiwala. Intersections and collisions of simple random walks in $\mathbb{Z}^d$. (pdf)
  • Rohin Gilman. An overview of bond percolation. (pdf)
  • Ben Goldman. Progress on the invariant subspace problem. (pdf)
  • Sayali Gove. The basics of the probabilistic method. (pdf)
  • Letong (Carina) Hong. Model categories and cofibrant posets. (pdf)
  • John Hopper. Basic Schubert calculus without cohomology. (pdf)
  • Samanda (Yuting) Hu. Modular forms and Hecke operators. (pdf)
  • Chuhao Huang. Mirror symmetry of elliptic curves. (pdf)
  • Max Johnson. (Pro-$G$)-spectra and pro-($G$)-spectra. (pdf)
  • Kenz Kallal. Representation theory at infinity: automorphic forms and the Selberg trace formula. (pdf)
  • Nathan Kapsin. A brief overview of introductory topics in Lee's ``Introduction to smooth manifolds" (pdf)
  • Judson Kuhrman. Characteristic classes. (pdf)
  • Zhuoming Lan. Floer cohomology and Fukaya category. (pdf)
  • Ethan Lewis. Brownian motion and Ito's formula. (pdf)
  • Gabrielle Yanqing Li. Classification of bundles and orientation. (pdf)
  • Wenxuan Li. Sobolev spaces and Calderon's inverse problem. (pdf)
  • Yuanpu Liang. Mean curvature of Riemannian hypersurface under the exponential map. (pdf)
  • Connor Lockhart. The Baldwin-Lachlan proof of Morley's theorem. (pdf)
  • Elias Manuelides. What are spectra? (pdf)
  • Isaac Martin. Algebraic de Rham cohomology and the Hodge spectral sequence. (pdf)
  • F. Curtis Mason. A survey in model-theoretical forcing. (pdf)
  • Jessica Metzger. Phase transitions in lattice systems. (pdf)
  • Sabrina Mi. Algebraic statistics. (pdf)
  • Jinghong Miao. Viscosity solutions of the Eikonal equations. (pdf)
  • Ajay Mitra. The image of the $J$ homomorphism (pdf)
  • Shourya Mohaniya. Fractal geometry and its application to continued fractions. (pdf)
  • Mishal Mrinal. The Gaussian free field and SLE coupling. (pdf)
  • Anushka Murthy. Representations of matroids and the excluded minor theorems. (pdf)
  • Anushka Murthy. On the combinatorial parameters of highly symmetric graphs. (pdf)
  • Beckham Myers. The homotopy type of the cobordism category. (pdf)
  • Srihari Narayanan. Applications of the braid group and wider knot theory to Chern-Simons theory. (pdf)
  • Stephanie Youngmi Oh. Inner product spaces and Fourier series. (pdf)
  • Vedant Pathak. An introduction to stochastic calculus. (pdf)
  • Lucca Borges Prado. Differntial games and viscosity solutions. (pdf)
  • Qing Qi. Symmetry group of a tessellation in the hyperbolic plane. (pdf)
  • Benjamin Rapport. Applications of stochastic calculus to financial modeling. (pdf)
  • Qiuyu Ren. Quantization commutes with reduction. (pdf)
  • Sivakorn Sanguanmoo. Optimal stopping time and its applications to economic models. (pdf)
  • Tomohiro Sawada. Classification of exotic spheres: an exposition. (pdf)
  • Mark Schachner. Enlargements and the non-standard perspective. (pdf)
  • Ethan Schondorf (with Fiedler). On the existence and dimension of Besicovitch sets. (pdf)
  • Ryan Simeon. An operadic description of algebraic quantum field theories. (pdf)
  • Aleksander Skenderi. Related interpretations of elliptic curves. (pdf)
  • Jennifer Sun. Changing ground category in operad theory. (pdf)
  • Arjun Venkatraman. Heights and the Mordell-Weil theorem. (pdf)
  • Xiaomeng Wang. Stochastic calculus and volatility models. (pdf)
  • Ethan Williams. The Rota-Welsh conjecture for representable matroids. (pdf)
  • Yinchen Wu. Construction of small $(n,k)$ cylinders and $n$-rectifiable sets for Nikodym sets. (pdf)
  • Wenxi Yao. Koszul duality of quadratic operads. (pdf)
  • Naimeng Ye. Equivariant $K$-theory and the Atiyah-Segal completion theorem. (pdf)
  • Xifan Yu. A survey of the Neggers-Stanley conjecture. (pdf)
  • Shangjie Zhang. Multiplicative structures induced by $N_{\infty}$ operads. (pdf)
  • Yueheng Zhang. Approximating graph conductance: from global to local. (pdf)
  • Siqi Clover Zheng. Frobenius algebra structure in Hopf algebra and cohomology ring with Poincar\'e duality. (pdf)
  • Sharon Zhou. Types of homotopy in simplicial complexes and finite spaces. (pdf)
  • Stanley Zhu. An introduction to the Loewner differential equation. (pdf)


    Dead links are to papers under revision

  • Hong Thien An Bui. Classifying the finite subgroups of $SO_3$. (pdf)
  • Don Assamongkol. Cubic graph symmetries. (pdf)
  • Ribhav Bose. The elliptic curve factorization method. (pdf)
  • Shu-Nan Justin Chang. An introduction to category theory and the Yoneda lemma. (pdf)
  • Andrew Chen. Baire categories, continuous functions, and approximations. (pdf)
  • Benjamin Cooper. The Schwarzian derivative in one-dimensional dynamics. (pdf)
  • John M. Dewhurst. Hilbert's theorem on immersion of the hyperbolic plane. (pdf)
  • Runtong Ding. Fourier series and its applications to geometry an equidistribution theorem. (pdf)
  • Antonio Donald. Dynamics of maps of the circle. (pdf)
  • Marc de Fontnouvelle. Three sideways reflections on Ramsey theory. (pdf)
  • Alexander Ghorbani. Applications of representation theory to combinatorics. (pdf)
  • Grayson Montgomevy Graham. The ring of symmetric polynomials. (pdf)
  • Jordan Matthew Hebert. Completeness in modal logic. (pdf)
  • Ling Hu. Law of quadratic reciprocity. (pdf)
  • Hye Woong Jeon. Equivalent notions of entropy under ergodicity. (pdf)
  • Raunak Kundagrami. Hopf fibrations. (pdf)
  • Astrid (Anran) Li. Four types of cryptosystems and related algorithms. (pdf)
  • Chenjia Lin. Introductory differential topology and an application to the Hopf fibration. (pdf)
  • Tarika Mane. Galois actions on torsions of elliptic curves. (pdf)
  • Spencer C. Miller. $MMH^*_{32}$ from scratch: an introduction to hash functions. (pdf)
  • Karol Mukhamediyeva. Graph theory, cohomology, and paradoxes in social choice and logic. (pdf)
  • Ethan Naegele. Random walk meeting times on graphs. (pdf)
  • Jinseo Park. Representation of semisimple Lie algebras. (pdf)
  • Helena Perez-Stark. Elliptic curves and Mordell's theorem. (pdf)
  • Alexa Pomerantz. An introduction to the $p$-adic numbers. (pdf)
  • Logan James Quick. $p$-adic absolute values. (pdf)
  • Irene Ryu. Introduction to number theory and cryptography. (pdf)
  • Vivek Anthonv Sasse. Classification of the 17 wallpaper groups. (pdf)
  • Andrey Shapiro. Billiard dynamics and Masur's criterion. (pdf)
  • Olga Shevchuk. Introduction to elliptic curve cryptography. (pdf)
  • Aly Soliman. Laws of large numbers and Khinchin's constant. (pdf)
  • Keyer Thyme. Priority methods in computability theory. (pdf)
  • Ryan Wandsnider. The fundamental theorem of algebra over the tropical semiring. (pdf)
  • Cathy Wang. The Lovasz local lemma, $K$-coloring, and applications in graph theory. (pdf)
  • David Wang. Measure theory and central limit theorem. (pdf)
  • David Wu. Applications of M\"obius inversion on partially ordered sets. (pdf)
  • Xinkai (Kai) Wu. Finite projective planes an quadratic forms with applications. (pdf)
  • Yannis Wu-Yip. Classification of finite groups. (pdf)
  • Ruochuan Xu. Permutation representations. (pdf)
  • Jialin Yang. Super five of Ramsey theory. (pdf)
  • Lingyue Yu. Stochastic calculus on Brownian motion and stochastic integration. (pdf)
  • Tianyi Zhang. A game theoretic discussion of a repeated game model inspired by shoot 'em up video games. (pdf)
  • Yiduan Zheng. $p$-Adic numbers, $\mathbb{Q}_p$, and Hensel's lemma. (pdf)
  • Yuerong Zhuang. Random walks on finite groups. (pdf)
  • Jake Zweifler. Elliptic curves and complex multiplication. (pdf)

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