The CRing Project: downloads The CRing Project: downloads

The present page provides various downloads of the files of CRing project, which will be updated frequently.

The entire document

You can download the entire file as a PDF.


(.tar.bz2, .zip). To compile the source and produce the full PDF, unarchive and run "make" (on a Unix system) or simply run latex (and bibtex, etc.) on CRing.tex. Note that the source here does not contain contributions that have not yet been included in the main document: you can get those by downloading from the git repository.

The makefile also allows one to produce the individual chapters via "make chapters" (this also will produce the whole book) or, for an individual chapter, "make ch(chname).pdf". After this, "make cleanup" will remove auxiliary files. There are other options in the makefile as well.

Individual chapters

Title PDF
Categories chcategories.pdf
Foundations chfoundations.pdf
Fields and Extensions chfields.pdf
Three important functors chthreeimportantfunctors.pdf
The $\spec$ of a ring chspec.pdf
Noetherian rings and modules chnoetherian.pdf
Graded and filtered rings chgraded.pdf
Integrality and valuation rings chintegrality.pdf
Unique factorization and the class group chfactorization.pdf
Dedekind domains chdedekind.pdf
Dimension theory chdimension.pdf
Completions chcompletion.pdf
Regularity, differentials, and smoothness chsmoothness.pdf
Various topics chvarious.pdf
Homological Algebra chhomological.pdf
Flatness revisited chflat.pdf
Homological theory of local rings chhomologicallocal.pdf
\'Etale, unramified, and smooth morphisms chetale.pdf
Complete local rings chcompletelocal.pdf
Homotopical algebra chhomotopical.pdf
GNU Free Documentation License chlicense.pdf