The CRing Project

The CRing project is an open source textbook on commutative algebra, aiming to comprehensively cover the foundations needed for algebraic geometry at the level of EGA or SGA. It is a work in progress.

You can download the entire file as a PDF.

On the Downloads page, you will find the source files as well as PDFs of the individual chapters.

Johan de Jong has set up a git repository. Slightly updated versions of the source files are available there; they also include a directory of contributions on the queue for inclusion.

How to contribute

If you have any old source files on related topics: write-ups for (old) homework sets, term papers, blog posts, feel free to submit them to cring.project (at) gmail (dot) com. Such material likely can be incorporated into the document, whether as supplementary exercises or entire sections.

In addition, much of the current material in the project is unedited. If you would like to edit the current the .tex files, feel free to do so and email cring.project(at)gmail with the changes. If you'd like to contribute multiple times, you can use the git repository to make the changes. (Ask us for the password --- you need it to make new changes there.)

This is an open source project, so you'll have to let other people modify the material, but on the bright side you'll get listed as a contributor (in the document).

A list of contributions is available here.


The idea of the present project comes, of course, from the Stacks Project. The present project aims, however, at producing a work suitable for a beginning undergraduate with a background in elementary abstract algebra.


This work is entirely open source and freely modifiable under the terms of the GNU Free Documentation license, v. 1.2. While I am currently the benevolent dictator/editor of the project, I am looking for collaborators.

Discussion of the project can happen at the blog.

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