Jason Kountouridis


I am a math graduate student at the University of Chicago, working under the supervision of Matt Emerton and expecting to graduate in June 2024.

My research interests lie in the area of arithmetic - algebraic geometry. I study singularities and degenerations of varieties in mixed characteristic, along with their connections to number theory and birational geometry. Some topics I currently think about include surface singularities, monodromy actions and moduli of K3 surfaces.

Here is a link to my CV.


  • On simple singularities and Weyl monodromy actions in mixed characteristic. [pdf] [arxiv]
  • (with A. Guzman, K. Kansal , B. Savoie and X. Wang) Smoothness of components of the Emerton-Gee stack for GL2. [arxiv] To appear in Transactions of the AMS.


Fall 2023: Math 15250 Mathematical Methods for Economic Analysis
Winter 2023: Math 15300 Calculus III
Fall 2022: Math 15250 Mathematical Methods for Economic Analysis
Winter 2022: Math 15200 Calculus II
Fall 2021: Math 15100 Calculus I
Spring 2021: Math 13300 Elementary Calculus III
Winter 2021: Math 13200 Elementary Calculus II
Fall 2020: Math 13100 Elementary Calculus I