Directed Reading Program
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Applying to the Directed Reading Program

Applications are now closed. Please check again in Autumn 2024.

Information for students


Any sophomore, junior, or senior is eligible to apply if they have a strong background in mathematics, including at least the completion of a year-long calculus sequence, or Math 11200. (First-years and others with unusual background will be considered on a case-by-case basis.) Factors such as course grades, performance in past projects, as well as the student's specific interests are taken into account when assigning mentors and projects.

NOTE: Please remember that the DRP is an additional voluntary activity and coursework takes first priority. A well-done DRP is not a substitute for a good course grade. You should be particularly careful if you are in a highly challenging courses such as (Honors) Analysis or an IBL course.

ADDITIONAL NOTE ON AUTOMATIC REJECTION CRITERIA, FALL QUARTER: In the Fall Quarter, we automatically reject all first-year undergraduate applicants (freshmen), as well as all students doing Hons Analysis (Math 207) or IBL Analysis, regardless of whether they are in freshman or sophomore year. If you are in one of these categories, you are encouraged to concentrate on your coursework for now and consider applying in a future quarter. In case of questions, contact the DRP committee.

Applying to the program (as a student)

Applications for the Directed Reading Program are sought and considered on a quarterly basis. Shortly before the beginning of the quarter, applications from students are sought. The deadline for applications is typically the Sunday of the first week of the quarter.

Information for mentors

The Directed Reading Program looks for mentors among graduate students and junior faculty in the mathematics department. First-year graduate students are requested not to apply for the program unless they are passing out of at least one of the graduate courses.

Mentors receive a small compensation for their work. Reimbursements will be added to the monthly paycheck for the month at the end of the quarter (or one month later) for those receiving monthly paychecks.

Interested mentors can apply online. When applications for the quarter are open, an email is sent out to math graduate students asking them to apply.