Hi, I'm Duarte. Welcome to my page.

I'm currently a 2nd year graduate student at UChicago, working in logic under the supervision of Maryanthe Malliaris and Denis Hirschfeldt

Some things I've written

No articles (yet!), just handouts and notes I've made mostly for myself.

Categoricity in Power, A Reading Companion - A document I wish I'd had when reading Morley's doctoral thesis, Categoricity in Power. Here, I attempt to provide some intuition for some of Morley's definitions and proofs, a big picture overview of Morley's theorem, and lead the reader to more modern references when applicable. Not a replacement for Morley's thesis, but something to have open alongside it.

Applied Category Theory - An essay I wrote for an undergraduate class in Category Theory. It details how some abstractions from Category Theory have found applications in programming, notably in the programming language Haskell.

Miscellaneous Notes - A collection of expository notes written mostly for myself.

My Old Webpage - Contains ancient writings which may be undecypherable to modern human beings. Also has some things I'm a little bit proud of having written.

Contact Me

E-mail: dmaia@uchicago.edu