Draw arbitrary functions with your mouse and see them evolve by the equation θt = Hθ θx.


Initial value

You can set some initial value here. Alternatively, you can just draw the graph of the function with your mouse.
θ(x,0) =
Advanced options

The blue curve you see above represents the graph of a function θ(x,t) for a fixed value of t.

The coordinate x varies in the horizontal direction. The left side of the white frame corresponds to x=-0.5, and the right side to x=0.5. The top of the white frame is θ=1, and the bottom θ=-1. The function θ is extended outside of the box as zero.

When you click "Start", the graph will start evolving following the equation.

A more feature rich page is avaliable here.

Luis Silvestre. Last update: August 7th, 2013.