Draw arbitrary functions with your mouse and see them evolve by the equation θt = Hθ θx.


Initial value

You can set some initial value here. Alternatively, you can just draw the graph of the function with your mouse.
θ(x,0) =

Test values

H1 norm squared : -

Compute Λθ. Display factor
Compute θx. Display factor
Compute θxx. Display factor
Compute θt. Display factor

These are some interesting initial values to test.

Shrinking front.
characteristic of interval.
semicircle solution.
Two semicircles.
downwards semicircle. (self similar)
Odd function.
Force even and monotone.

The blue curve you see above represents the graph of a function θ(x,t) for a fixed value of t.

The coordinate x varies in the horizontal direction. The left side of the white frame corresponds to x=-0.5, and the right side to x=0.5. The top of the white frame is θ=1, and the bottom θ=-1. The function θ is extended outside of the box as zero.

Luis Silvestre. Last update: March 25, 2014.