Calderón-Zygmund Analysis Seminar

Spring 2019

                                                         Talks will start at 3:45pm in Eckhart 202 unless otherwise noted.

                                                         Abstracts, when available, may be viewed by clicking on the title of the talk.

    April 1
Luis Vega (BCAM)
Some lower bounds for solutions of Schrodinger evolutions

    April 8
Maja Taskovic (University of Pennsylvania)
On the relativistic Landau equation

    April 15
Panagiota Daskalopoulos (Columbia University)
Uniqueness of Ancient solutions to Mean Curvature flow

    April 17

Panagiota Daskalopoulos (Columbia University)
Ancient solutions to geometric Flows (Eck 206 3-4pm)

   April 22
Benjamin Dodson (Johns Hopkins University)
Global well-posedness and scattering for the defocusing, cubic wave equation

   April 29
Frank Merle (IHES)
On channels for the linearized operator around a soliton for critical wave equation

   May 6
Frank Merle (IHES)

   May 13
Yakov Shlapentokh-Rothman (Princeton)
The asymptotically self-similar regime for the Einstein vacuum equations

   May 20

   May 28

Tuesday 3:30
 Room E207
Adrian Nachman (University of Toronto)
A Nonlinear Plancherel Theorem, the Defocusing Davey-Stewartson Equation and the Inverse Boundary Value Problem of Calderon

   June 3
Casey Rodriguez (MIT)
Bubbling Dynamics for Corotational Wave Maps with Prescribed Radiation

  June 10
Daniel Campos Salas (University of Chicago)
A magnetic Schrodinger inverse problem in a cylindrical setting

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