Calderón-Zygmund Analysis Seminar

Fall 2018

                                                         Talks will start at 3:45pm in Eckhart 202 unless otherwise noted.

                                                         Abstracts, when available, may be viewed by clicking on the title of the talk.

            October 8

Artem Pulemotov (University of Queensland)
The prescribed Ricci curvature problem on homogeneous spaces

            October 15

Chenjie Fan (University of Chicago)
On well posedness of Stochastic mass critical NLS

            October 22

            Special time: 4:05

Helge Holden (Norwegian University of Science and Technology)
The Camassa-Holm equation: A survey

            October 29

            Special time: 4:05

Donatella Danielli (Purdue)
Regularity Results for a Penalized Boundary Obstacle Problem

            November 5

No Seminar

            November 12, 13

Zygmund-Calderón Lectures:
Nalini Anantharaman (IRMA, University of Strasbourg, France)


            November 19

Eugenia Malinnikova (NTU)
Yau’s conjecture in between real-analytic and smooth cases

            November 26

No Seminar

            December 3

 Ji Li(Macquarie University)

Lower bound of the Riesz transform kernel on stratified Lie groups, commutators and applications

            December 10

 Zihua Guo( Monash University)

Scattering for the 3D Gross-Pitaevskii equation

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For questions or comments, please contact Dana Mendelson (dana at math dot uchicago dot edu) or Chenjie Fan (cjfan at math dot uchicago dot edu)