Proseminar schedule

Here is the proseminar schedule for Winter 2021.
Unless otherwise specified, the proseminar meets online from 4:00 - 5:00 pm Wednesdays and Thursdays.

If you are interested in participating, please contact Colin. The proseminar is open to UChicago participants and invited participants only.

Date    SpeakerTopic
Jan 20 Oliver Smooth Structures and Stable Homotopy. Notes
Jan 21 Weinan The K-theory of Z and Vandiver’s Conjecture. Slides, Notes
Jan 27 Colin Group Cohomology and GL(F_q) Slides
Jan 28 Nick What do finite fields, the K(1) local sphere and the image of J have in common?Slides, Exercises
Feb 3 Danny Algebraic K-Theory of finite fields Slides
Feb 4 Hana t-structures Slides
Feb 10 Peter A superficial view of infinite loop space theory and algebraic K-theory
Feb 11 Colin Quillen's Q Construction Slides
Feb 17 Weinan Comparing the Q construction to the plus construction
Feb 18 Anna Configuration spaces of Euclidean space and the Theta_n category
Feb 24 Nick Discrete Morse Theory
Mar 3 Akhil Algebraic K-Theory of Stable Infty-Categories Notes
Mar 10 Yao Hopf Invariant One: Adams Spectral Sequence Approach
Mar 11 Yao Hopf Invariant One: K-Theory Approach

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