Proseminar schedule

For this quarter and the next, the proseminars will be on the following two topics: Factorization Homology (mostly on Wednesdays) and Goodwillie Calculus (mostly on Thursdays).
Here are the syllabi: Factorization Homology, Goodwillie Calculus.
Unless otherwise specified, the proseminar meets from 2:30pm to 3:30pm on Wednesdays and 3:40pm to 4:40pm on Thursdays in Eckhart 203.

Date    SpeakerTopic
Jan 10 Nick Descent [Notes]
Jan 16 Dylan An overview of factorization homology
Jan 17 Foling Quillen's Theorems A and B [Notes]
Jan 23 Weinan An overview of Goodwillie calculus
Jan 24 Hana Higher Seifert-van Kampen theorem [Notes]
Feb 6 Oliver Excisive functors and spectra
Feb 7 Yutao Categories of n-disks
Feb 13TBD Definition and construction of Pn
Feb 14TBD Symmetric monoidal infinity categories
Feb 20TBD Classification of n-homogeneous functors
Feb 21TBD Infinity operads, briefly
Feb 27TBD Cross-effects and derivatives
Feb 28TBD n-Disk algebras
Mar 6TBD Johnson’s theorem
Mar 7TBD A discrete model forn-Disk algebras
Mar 13TBD Bar-Cobar duality
Mar 14TBD Definition(s) of factorization homology and first properties