Proseminar schedule

Here is the proseminar schedule for Fall 2019.
Unless otherwise specified, the proseminar meets from 2:30pm to 3:30pm on Wednesdays and 3:40pm to 4:40pm on Thursdays in Eckhart 203.

Date    SpeakerTopic
Oct 9 Foling Stable homotopy category
Oct 10 Peter Historic description of spectra, heading to HHR, I
Oct 16 Peter Historic description of spectra, heading to HHR, II
Oct 17 Danny History of the Kervaire invariant problem and overview of Hill-Hopkins-Ravenel proof
Oct 23 Foling Nonabelian Poincare duality theorem in equivariant factorization homology
Oct 24 Danny Detecting spectrum and slice filtration
Oct 30 Hana Presheaves on orbit category
Oct 31 Weinan Smith theory
Nov 6 Nick RO(G) homology of a point[Notes]
Nov 7 Colin Sheaves and Stacks for Homotopy Theorists[Notes]
Nov 13 Hana Motivic effectice slice spectral sequence
Nov 14 Yutao André Quillen cohomology and obstruction theories on higher ring structures
Nov 20 Oliver TBA
Nov 21 Weinan Conner conjecture
Nov 27 Nick TBA
Dec 4 Daniel Multiplicative structure on infinite loop spaces
Dec 5 Oliver TBA

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