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Graduate Students

Building and Mailbox Locations

All graduate student mailboxes are located in the Eckhart basement, near the foot of the staircase from the South Side entrance. See here for directions if you need help finding Eckhart, or any other building with math offices.

Note For Undergraduates

If you are trying to get contact information for a graduate student instructor in an undergraduate course you are trying to enroll into, please note that the math department does not do pink slips and instructor consent cannot be used to register you in a course or section that is already full. Please instead send an email to one of the undergraduate administrators with your request.

Name Office Photo
Victoria Akin Math-Stat 013
Paul Apisa Math-Stat 011
Nazerke Bakytzhan Math-Stat 001
Ana Balibanu Math-Stat 014
Oishee Banerjee Eckhart 7 #3
Owen Barrett Eckhart 110
Timothy Black Eckhart 105
Francisc Bozgan Eckhart 11
Clark Wilmer Butler III TAAC 26
Stephen P. Cameron Eckhart 12
Daniel Campos Math-Stat 013
Kevin Casto Eckhart 14
Wei Chai Woodlawn 5C
Yi-Wei Chan (Henry) Eckhart 3
Alan Chang Eckhart 16
Gong Chen Eckhart 135
Lei Chen Eckhart 105
Lvzhou Chen Eckhart 14
Weiyan Chen Eckhart 23
Xiaodong Chen Eckhart 27
Yun Cheng Eckhart 7 #1
Jingren Chi TAAC 30
Shiva Chidambaram Eckhart 2-B
Zev Chonoles Eckhart 15
Subhadip Chowdhury Eckhart 16
Ping Ngai Chung (Brian) Eckhart 7 #7
Ronno Das Eckhart 2-A
Jonathan DeWitt Eckhart 27
Carlos di Fiore Math-Stat 001
Zhiyuan Ding Math-Stat 015
Tianqi Fan TAAC 28
Ian Frankel Math-Stat 015
Nir Gadish Eckhart 14
Mathilde Gerbelli-Gauthier Eckhart 17
Claudio Gonzales Eckhart 110
Raluca Havarneanu Math-Stat 014
Yan Mary He TAAC 31
Duc Ho Eckhart 11
Quoc Ho TAAC 31
Sean Howe TAAC 27
Boming Jia Eckhart 27
Daniel Johnstone Eckhart 12
Bohdan Kivva Eckhart 27
Jia Kong Eckhart 8
Yordanka Kovacheva (Dani) Eckhart 7 #2
Isabel Leal TAAC 30
Yu Li Eckhart 8
Chang Mou Lim TAAC 28
Weinan Lin Eckhart 8
Bingjin Liu Eckhart 27
Jeffrey Manning Eckhart 17
Olivier Martin Eckhart 110
Nathaniel Katkin Mayer Eckhart 27
Liam Matthew Mazurowski Eckhart 27
Brian Douglas McDonald Eckhart 27
MurphyKate Montee Math-Stat 012
Drew Moore Math-Stat 001
Peter Sable Morfe Eckhart 27
Michael Neaton Eckhart 27
Tung Tho Nguyen Eckhart 8
Margaret Nichols Math-Stat 012
Benjamin G. O'Connor Eckhart 110
Shuo Pang Eckhart 27
Kiho Park Eckhart 7 #5
Minh Pham Eckhart 15
Dylan Quintana Eckhart 2-A
Sarah Reitzes Eckhart 27
Casey Rodriguez TAAC 27
Jonathan Rubin Eckhart 135
Sergei Sagatov Math-Stat 016
Georgios Sakellaris Math-Stat 016
Nicholas Salter Eckhart 105
Mariya Sardarli Eckhart 2-B
Karl Schaefer Math-Stat 011
Henry Scher Woodlawn 5D
Benjamin Seeger Eckhart 135
Eric Stubley Eckhart 110
Noah Taylor Eckhart 110
Giang Tran (Zana Chan) Math-Stat 001
Minh-Tam Trinh Eckhart 7 #4
Rachel Vishnepolsky Jones 204G
Dolores Anna Walton Eckhart 27
Anthony Yuming Wang Eckhart 2-A
Jonathan Wang TAAC 26
Xiao Wang Eckhart 27
Yulun Wang Eckhart 27
Angela Wu TAAC 29
Zhouli Xu TAAC 29
Lingxiao Zhang Woodlawn 5B
Yiwen Zhou Eckhart 15
Foling Zou Eckhart 110