Department of Mathematics
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The faculty of the math department are grouped according to their position:


Name Research Area Titles and Joint Appointments Photo
László Babai Computational Complexity Theory, Algorithms, and Combinatorics George and Elizabeth Yovovich Professor photo of László Babai
Guillaume Bal photo of Guillaume Bal
Alexander Beilinson Algebra David and Mary Winton Green University Professor photo of Alexander Beilinson
Danny Calegari Geometry photo of Danny Calegari
Frank Calegari Number Theory photo of Frank Calegari
Kevin Corlette Lie Group Theory and Differential Geometry photo of Kevin Corlette
Jack D. Cowan Neural Networks photo of Jack D. Cowan
Marianna Csörnyei Analysis photo of Marianna Csörnyei
Vladimir Drinfeld Algebraic Geometry and Representation Theory Harry Pratt Judson Distinguished Service Professor photo of Vladimir Drinfeld
Todd Dupont Numerical Analysis photo of Todd Dupont
Matthew Emerton photo of Matthew Emerton
Alex Eskin Ergodic Theory, Lie Groups, and Number Theory Arthur Holly Compton Distinguished Service Professor photo of Alex Eskin
Benson Farb Geometry, Topology photo of Benson Farb
Robert Fefferman Analysis Max Mason Distinguished Service Professor photo of Robert Fefferman
Victor Ginzburg Representation Theory photo of Victor Ginzburg
Denis Hirschfeldt Logic photo of Denis Hirschfeldt
Kazuya Kato Samuel K. Allison Distinguished Service Professor photo of Kazuya Kato
Carlos E. Kenig Analysis Louis Block Distinguished Service Professor photo of Carlos E. Kenig
Steven Lalley Probability photo of Steven Lalley
Gregory F. Lawler Probability George Wells Beadle Distinguished Service Professor photo of Gregory F. Lawler
Peter May Algebraic Topology photo of Peter May
Andre Neves Geometry photo of Andre Neves
Bảo Châu Ngô Francis and Rose Yuen Distinguished Service Professor photo of Bảo Châu Ngô
Madhav Nori Algebraic Geometry photo of Madhav Nori
Alexander Razborov Combinatorics and Theoretical Computer Science Andrew McLeish Distinguished Service Professor photo of Alexander Razborov
Wilhelm Schlag Analysis Homer J. Livingston Professor photo of Wilhelm Schlag
Ridgway Scott Numerical Analysis photo of Ridgway Scott
Panagiotis Souganidis Analysis and Partial Differential Equations Charles H. Swift Distinguished Service Professor photo of Panagiotis Souganidis
Sidney Webster Complex Analysis photo of Sidney Webster
Shmuel Weinberger Quantitative and Applied Topology and Geometry Department Chair

Andrew MacLeish Distinguished Professor of Mathematics
photo of Shmuel Weinberger
Amie Wilkinson Dynamical systems, ergodic theory and geometry photo of Amie Wilkinson
Robert Zimmer Ergodic Theory and Geometry President of the University photo of Robert Zimmer

Associate Professors

Name Research Area Photo
Roger Lee Financial Mathematics photo of Roger Lee
Maryanthe Malliaris Logic
Luis Silvestre Analysis photo of Luis Silvestre
Charles Smart Analysis

Assistant Professors

Name Research Area Photo
Aaron Brown Dynamical systems and ergodic theory
Tsao-Hsien Chen
Nikita Rozenblyum photo of Nikita Rozenblyum

Senior Lecturers

Name Photo
John Boller photo of John Boller
Jitka Stehnova photo of Jitka Stehnova
Sarah Ziesler photo of Sarah Ziesler


Name Photo
Meghan Anderson photo of Meghan Anderson

Senior Research Associates

Name Research Area Photo
Takako Fukaya Number Theory

Dickson Instructors

Name Research Area Photo
Maxime Bergeron
George Boxer
DaRong Cheng
David Cohen
Chenjie Fan
William Feldman Nonlinear PDE photo of William Feldman
Boaz Haberman Analysis and PDE
Nate Harman
Vivian Healey
Christopher Henderson
Jonathan Hickman
Sebastian Hurtado-Salazar
Jacek Jendrej
Lien-Yung Kao (Nyima) Dynamical systems and geometry photo of Lien-Yung Kao (Nyima)
Asaf Katz
Xinyi Li (Arthur)
Dana Mendelson
Marco Mendez-Guaraco Geometric Analysis
Rohit Nagpal photo of Rohit Nagpal
Abdalla Dali Nimer
Antoni Rangachev
Sam Raskin
Daniil Rudenko
Jack Shotton photo of Jack Shotton
Andrei Tarfulea Analysis and PDE photo of Andrei Tarfulea
Kurt Vinhage
Dylan Wilson
Disheng Xu

Clay Fellows

Name Research Area Photo
Akhil Mathew

Visiting Professors and Scholars

Name Research Area Photo
Claude LeBris
Pierre-Louis Lions
Howard Masur photo of Howard Masur
Frank Merle
Leonid Polterovich photo of Leonid Polterovich

Emeritus Professors

Name Research Area Titles and Joint Appointments Photo
Jon Alperin Group Theory photo of Jon Alperin
Spencer Bloch R. M. Hutchins Distinguished Service Professor Emeritus photo of Spencer Bloch
George Glauberman Group Theory photo of George Glauberman
Robert Kottwitz Representation Theory Robert W. Reneker Distinguished Service Professor Emeritus photo of Robert Kottwitz
Norman Lebovitz photo of Norman Lebovitz
Arunas L. Liulevicius
Matam P. Murthy photo of Matam P. Murthy
Niels O. Nygaard Algebraic Geometry photo of Niels O. Nygaard
Melvin G. Rothenberg
Robert Soare Logic Paul Snowden Russell Distinguished Service Professor photo of Robert Soare
Richard G. Swan Louis Block Professor Emeritus