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Claude LeBris to give course in Spring 2017

Claude LeBris (webpage) will be visiting the department in the spring quarter of 2017, and giving a course. Here is the course announcement.

Numerical methods for partial differential equations

Syllabus: This class covers important classes of numerical methods for partial differential equations, notably finite differences and finite element methods. The emphasis is on understanding the accuracy of these methods, with a view on the role they play in today's science and engineering problems. The class is suitable for graduate students from all departments who have affinities with applied mathematics.

Here is a superset of the covered topics:

  1. Short review of the theory of ODEs and PDEs
  2. Finite differences approaches: stability, consistency, convergence
  3. Finite element methods: theory, numerical analysis, implementation
  4. Some basic numerical approaches for problems with multiple time and/or space scales
  5. A quick incursion into simulations of equations with random parameters

Prerequisites: Some elementary undergraduate familiarity with ordinary differential equations, partial differential equations, Fourier transforms, and linear algebra including solving systems of equations.

Suggested Reference: Numerical Models for Differential Problems, 2nd edition, by Alfio Quarteroni (ISBN: 978-88-470-5521-6). If you go to Springer's online listing for the book through the UChicago network (either by being on campus, or by using the university web proxy) a PDF of the book is available.