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Asilata Bapat, Max Engelstein receive department awards

This January 19, 2016, we are very happy to announce our departmental prizes to graduate students.

The Kowalsky prize is awarded to Asilata Bapat. The Kowalsky Fellowship provides support for a graduate student during the year he or she is expected to complete a dissertation. This award was established through a bequest from Walter and Yvonne Kowalsky, given in memory of their deceased daughter Nadine Kowalsky. Nadine graduated from the University of Chicago in 1994, with a dissertation directed by Bob Zimmer. Asilata is currently completing her dissertation, advised by Victor Ginzburg. She has broad research interests, particularly in representation theory and algebraic geometry, and has solved significant problems involving intersection cohomology and the Bernstein-Sato b-functions associated to Coxeter arrangements.

The Wirszup prize is awarded to Max Engelstein. The Wirszup fellowship was established in 2012 in memory of Izaak Wirszup, a beloved member of our department and of the university community for may years, who had worked tirelessly towards improving the quality of Mathematics education over the decades. This is awarded to an excellent finishing graduate student. Max is currently completing his dissertation, advised by Carlos Kenig, on applications of harmonic analysis and geometric measure theory to PDE. He has obtained a number of deep results in areas at the intersection of free boundary theory, potential theory, geometric measure theory, and elliptic and parabolic PDE.

Congratulations Asilata and Max!

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