Weinan Lin

About Me

I am a Graduate student in Department of Mathematics at the University of Chicago.

My advisor is Prof. J. Peter May.

I am an algebraic topologist and my main research interest is to do fundamental calculations in stable homotopy theory. More specifically I am interested in the theory of commutative ring spectra, various calculations on spectral sequences, and their implications in geometry and topology. The tools I use for my projects include homological algebra, homotopy theory and computational commutative algebra with the aid of computer programming.

Here is my CV.

Here is my research statement



Weinan Lin, On the May spectral sequence at the prime 2 (2020), preprint, available at arXiv:2010.14754


I am not teaching in Fall 2020.

Winter 2021 MATH 19600, Linear Algebra
Winter 2020 MATH 15300, Calculus 2
Fall 2019 MATH 15200, Calculus 1
Spring 2019 MATH 19600, Linear Algebra
Winter 2019 MATH 15300, Calculus 3
Fall 2018 MATH 15200, Calculus 2
Spring 2018 MATH 15300, Calculus 3
Winter 2018 MATH 15200, Calculus 2
Fall 2017 MATH 15100, Calculus 1


UChicago Topology Seminar


My Github homepage

LaTeX diagram generator

Graph - May Spectral sequence

Table - May Spectral sequence

Contact Information

Email: weinan@math.uchicago.edu

Office: TAAC 28

Phone: +1(773) 490-4013