Michael Neaton

I am a fifth-year doctoral student at the University of Chicago, currently studying under Matthew Emerton.

My interests are quite varied. I am currently studying Shimura varieties. Generally, my interests are in algebraic geometry.


My email address is easier to find than my website. To avoid making you uselessly search for it, though: min [at] math [dot] uchicago [dot] edu

If you have questions about why this is my email address, it was misread by whoever set it up (it was to be my initials). I thought it would be too much effort to change.

If you would like to send me care packages and/or hate mail, this is easiest to do via the University:

Michael Neaton

Department of Mathematics, University of Chicago

5734 S University Avenue, Room 108

Chicago, IL 60637

My office number is Eckhart 110-A.


Beginning in Fall of 2018, I started teaching calculus at the University of Chicago. See below for links to current courses.

University of Chicago REU

I was a mentor during the summer of 2017 and 2018 for the University of Chicago REU (see J.P. May's website).

During these years, along with J. Dewitt, N. Mayer, and L. Mazurowski, I organized a GRE preparation session. See this page for the materials. This includes the five or so released tests by ETS, as well as opinions on how to study, the philosophy of our material, and thoughts on other available materials with links to this material.