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Bill Cooperman

Graduate student in mathematics
Office: Eckhart E12

I like to study the large-scale structure of discrete, random, or periodic objects using PDE methods.

I'm fortunate to be advised by Professor Charles Smart.

Here's my CV.



  1. Rigidity of harmonic functions on the supercritical percolation cluster, with Ahmed Bou-Rabee and Paul Dario
  2. Slow periodic homogenization for Hamilton-Jacobi equations
  3. Exponential mixing by shear flows
  4. On the random G equation with nonzero divergence
  5. Quantitative stochastic homogenization of the G equation
    To appear in in Probability Theory and Related Fields.
  6. A near-optimal rate of periodic homogenization for convex Hamilton-Jacobi equations.
    Arch Rational Mech Anal 245, 809–817 (2022).