Math 258

Instructor: Inna Zakharevich
Office: Eckhart 309
Email: zakh_math_uchicago_edu. (Substitute the appropriate punctuation at each spot.)
College Fellow: Zhiyuan Ding
Problem Session: Wednesday, 6-7pm, in Eckhart 202. (But will be in Eckahart 308 on January 14th.)
Office Hours:
 Zakharevich  Eckhart 308  Monday 3-4, Tuesday 11-12
DingKent 015Wednesday 7-9


The grading is divided as follows; 40% of the grade is homework, each of the two midterms is worth 15%, and the final is worth 30%. The two mideterms will be on January 30th and February 20th. The final exam is on March 16th.


Homework policy: The homework is due on Thursday evening at 6pm in the mailbox in the basement. If you would like to typeset all or part of any homework, the typeset portion is due on Thursday at 11:59pm, in my email. You must email both the TeX and PDF files. If you need help setting up LaTeX on your computer or getting started, there are links at the bottom of the page. In addition, I will have special LaTeX office hours on Wednesday, January 7th from 12-1pm.


LaTeX resources