Math 205

sections 31, 41

Instructor: Inna Zakharevich
Office: Eckhart 309
Email: zakh_math_uchicago_edu. (Substitute the appropriate punctuation at each spot.)
College Fellows: Tianqi Fan, Tim Black
Problem Session: Tuesday 5-6, Eckhart 308
Office Hours:
 Zakharevich  Eckhart 308  Monday 2-3, Tuesday, Thursday 3-4
BlackEckhart 11Monday 4-5, Tuesday 4-5, Wednesday 7-8
FanJones 208Tuesday 6-7, Wednesday 6-7, Friday 5-6.


The grading is divided as follows; 40% of the grade is homework, each of the two midterms is worth 15%, and the final is worth 30%. The two mideterms will be on April 26th and May 29th. The final exam is on June 10th for section 31 and June 12th for section 41.


Homework policy: Each homework assignment is split into two parts. The first part must be typeset; the second part may be typeset or handwritten. All handwritten papers are due by 6pm Thursday, in the appropriate envelope on my door. Typeset assignments are due by 11:59pm on Thursday, in my email. If you are using LaTeX, please email me both the .tex and the .pdf file; if you are not using LaTeX, please contact me so that we can agree on which files you should send.

Midterms and solutions

LaTeX resources