Math 15300: Calculus III

Section 53, Winter 2018

Course announcements:

I have posted a review sheet with the material you are responsible for the final. Please consider it when studying for the exam!

Course information:

Lectures: MWF 12:30-1:20
P 022
Problem Session: Tuesday 5-6E 202

Instructor: Yordanka Kovacheva
Office: Eckhart 7#2
Office Hours: Monday & Thursday 4:30-6

VCA: Isabel Almazan
Office Hours: Wednesday 10:30-11:30 Harper Cafe

Textbook: Calculus
Salas, Hille, & Etgen
10 Edition

Mideterm 1: January 26 (Friday 4th week)
Midterm 2: February 23 (Friday 8th week)

Final Exam: Monday, March 12th, 8-10am
Location TBD



Review Sheets:

Review sheet for Midterm 1.
Review sheet for Midterm 2.
Review sheet for Final.


Common Mistakes on Quiz 1
Common Mistakes on Quiz 2
Common Mistakes on Midterm1
Common Mistakes on Quiz 3
Common Mistakes on Quiz 4
Common Mistakes on Midterm2
Common Mistakes on Quiz 5


HW1 due Wednesday, January 10.
HW2 due Wednesday, January 17.
HW3 due Wednesday, January 24.
HW4 due Wednesday, January 31.
HW5 due Wednesday, February 7.
HW6 due Wednesday, February 14.
HW7 due Wednesday, February 21.
HW8 due Wednesday, February 28.
HW9 NOT due Wednesday, March 7.