Xuan Wu

I am a Dickson instructor in the Mathematics Department of University of Chicago. This is my curriculum vitae.

My research interest lies in integrable probability, particularly the asymptotic analysis of stochastic integrable systems which lie at the interface of random matrix theory, stochastic PDEs and statistical physics.


Email: xuanw@uchicago.edu
Department of Mathematics, University of Chicago
Office: Eckhart 319.

Papers and preprints

  1. The KPZ equation and the directed landscape, preprint 2023.
  2. Determinantal structures for Bessel fields, with Lucas Benigni, P.K. Hung, preprint 2021.
  3. The Bessel Line Ensemble, preprint 2021.
  4. Tightness of ($H,H^{RW}$)-Gibbsian line ensembles, with E. Dimitrov, preprint 2021.
  5. Brownian regularity of the KPZ line ensemble, preprint 2021.
  6. Convergence of the KPZ line ensemble, preprint 2021, to appear in IMRN.
  7. KMT coupling for random walk bridges, with E. Dimitrov, Probability Theory and Related Fields (2021).
  8. Tightness of discrete Gibbsian line ensembles with exponential interaction Hamiltonians, preprint 2020, to appear in AIHP.
  9. Intermediate disorder regime for half-space directed polymers, Journal of Statistical Physics (2020).
  10. Concavity of the Lagrangian phase operator and applications, with T. Collins, S. Picard, Calculus of Variations and Partial Differential Equations (2017).