Griffin Wang

I am a third-year PhD student at University of Chicago. My real name is Xiao, but it’s hard to pronounce for most non-Chinese-speakers. My research interest lies in the junction of algebraic geometry and representation theory, with an eye towards number theory. My advisor is Prof. Ngô, Bảo Châu.


I was admitted to candidacy in Winter 2018. My topic is a summary of the Godement-Jacquet theory. A full note can be found here.

I am currently working on problems related to fundamental lemmas. There has been some preliminary progress and hopefully I can put my first result here really soon.

I organized a reading seminar about algebraic groups in Spring 2018.

Expository Notes

A tiny 3-page note I recorded during Ngô’s seminar explaining the most basic part of the Hitchin fibrations, which I find both concise and conceptually satisfying.

(Possibly forever) unfinished notes for V. Ginzburg’s class Geometric Satake in Spring 2018.


I am teaching MATH 15200/40 (Calculus II) on Winter 2019.

I taught MATH 15100/40 (Calculus I) on Fall 2018.

I TA-ed for the MATH 16110/16210/16310 (Honor Calculus IBL) series in the 2017–2018 academic year.