WOMP 2023

(Last updated September 11, 2023)

The Warmup Program for entering first year graduate students in mathematics is a social and academic program organized by older graduate students in the math department. The goals of the 2023 program will be to inform students about coursework and research content available in the department, provide opportunities for first year students to meet older graduate students, form connections essential to an inclusive department, and develop a group dynamic among the first year cohort.

Events will be in Ryerson 176 unless otherwise stated

*The schedule down below is provisional, please check back for the final version nearer to the beginning of WOMP.


18 Sep
Fundamental Group

Noah Caplinger

Topics: Definition of homotopy and of pi_1. Some example computations. Covering spaces and deck transformations, towards the Galois correspondence for covers.

Measure Theory

Rose Elliot Smith

Topics: Measures and sigma-algebras, non-measureable sets and Cantor sets, Lebesgue measure, integration, Dominated convergence, and Fubini's theorem.
Lunch and mingle!

Ryerson 352 (the Barn)

Free lunch for all grad students! Meet the department.

Research Talk

Rose Elliot Smith

Tour of Hyde Park


First years only. Meet at Eckhart main door (facing south).
19 Sep
Galois Theory

Aaron Slipper

Topics: Irreducible polynomials, field extensions, splitting fields, algebraic closure, normal extensions (done through examples to account for time)-- with a goal of presenting the Galois correspondence theorem

Curvature of Surfaces

Katie Gravel

Topics: Curves on surfaces, First and second fundamental forms, the Gauss map, geodesics, principal curvatures-- with a goal of presenting Gauss-Bonnet.
Lunch Break with AWM

Brin, Carolyn, Katie

Enjoy Taco Bell with the UChicago Association for Women in Math (AWM) while learning about issues prevalent among underrepresented groups in mathematics. Students of all genders are welcome!

Research Talk

Peter Huxford

Forum on First Year Program

Ino, Noah, Víctor

Board Game Night


Room: Ryerson 4th Floor
20 Sep
Real Analysis

Duarte Maia Nascimento

Topics: Ideas of modern PDE theory, Spaces of functions, Banach-Alaoglu and Compactness in infinite dimensions.

Commutative Algebra

Wei Yao

Topics: Rings and modules. Prime ideals and localization. Introduction to varieties and the Nullstellensatz, emphasizing the dictionary between algebra and geometry
GSU Info Session


The graduate workers are unionized, come grab lunch with GSU organizers and get to know more about your union.

Research Talk

DeVon Ingram

Forum on Life in Chicago

Marko, Wei

Rock Climbing

DeVon, Callum

We will take the Metra there and back. The cost for admission will be covered.
21 Sep
Smooth Manifolds

Carlos Marcelo Servan

Topics: Tangent and cotangent bundle. Vector fields and differential forms. Exterior derivative, which commutes with pullback. Integration and Stokes' theorem.

Linear Algebra

Micah Gay

Topics: characteristic and minimal polynomial, Cayley-Hamilton theorem. Jordan canonical form. Dual spaces, dual transformations, inner products, and the spectral theorem.
Orientation with Faculty


Research Talk

Iqra Altaf

Forum on Finding an Adviser

22 Sep
Representation Theory

Livia Xu

Topics: Maschke's theorem. Schur's Lemma and orthogonality of characters. Some examples of character tables.

Complex Analysis

Callum Sutton

Topics: Complex plane and Riemann sphere, Cauchy-Riemann equations, Laurent series, analytic functions-- with a goal of presenting the Cauchy integral formula and Liouville's theorem
Welcome Picnic

The Department

Eckhart Hall Lawn

"The Math Department will host a 'Welcome Picnic' on Friday, September 22, 2022 at 12:00 Noon for our faculty, staff and students. New members of the department do not need to send in RSVP's."

Research Talk

Oliver Wang
WOMP Rager

Iris, Micah, Mateo

IT'S A PARTY! The location will be sent by email.
23 Sep
Picnic at the Point

All are invited! The first years are meeting at Valois to grab food. We will meet at Promontory Point at around 12:30. Food from Trader Joe's will be served at the point for higher years.

Walk Downtown For Dinner

DeVon, Ino, Noah

Meet at the exit tunnel to Promontory Point in front of the fountain at 3:30 PM. The walk will take approximately 2-2.5 hours, and we will end up at Giordano's.
25 Sep
Trip to the Art Institute

Adrian, Pranjal

Meet at the 55th-56th-57th Metra stop.
25 Sep
Sexual Misconduct and Prevention Training

Ryerson 352 (the Barn)