WOMP 2019

(Last updated Sep 17, 2019)
We recommend that everyone get a Ventra icon Ventra Card for Chicago public transit.

Talks and forums take place in Eckhart 206. Talks (excluding research talks and forums) will consist of a half-hour lecture followed by a half hour problem session per one hour.

*The schedule down below is provisional, please check back for the final version nearer to the beginning of WOMP.

Week 1

15 Sep
Pre-WOMP brunch

Faidon Andriopoulos, Konstantinos Psaromiligkos

Faidon, Kostas, Nikiforos and Jason are going to kindly host the welcome brunch at their place ( 5221 S Kimbark Ave ). Non-first years please sign up here.
16 Sep
Welcome and Tour of Hyde Park

Pallav Goyal

Meet in front of Eckhart.
Linear Algebra

Ishan Banerjee and Joshua Mundinger

  • Systems of equations, matrix equations, row reduction
  • Rank-Nullity theorem
  • Writing the matrix of a linear transformation, change of basis
  • Eigenvalues, eigenvectors, characteristic and minimal polynomial
  • Jordan canonical form, classification of matrices in SL(2,R) by trace
  • Cayley-Hamilton theorem
  • Dual spaces, dual transformations
  • Inner product spaces and Hermitian spaces
  • Diagonalization of Hermitian/symmetric matrices. Unitary matrices, Rayleigh's theorem, singular value decomposition
  • Multilinear algebra: symmetric and exterior powers, determinants
17 Sep
Real Analysis

Mariya Sardarli

  • Convergence of sequences and series
  • Continuity and differentiability
  • Taylor series, Stone-Weierstrass theorem
  • Contraction mapping theorem, proof of existence and uniqueness of ODEs
  • Riemann integrals, fundamental theorem of calculus


Colin Aitken

  • Point-set topology, metric and topological spaces, connectedness, compactness, quotient spaces, quotient topology
  • Definition of manifolds (e.g. spheres, torus)
  • Lifting criterion, covering spaces and deck groups
  • Computing fundamental groups, Van Kampen's theorem
  • Galois correspondence of covers

Improv games in the Barn

Claudio Gonzáles and Eric Stubley

First years only.
Dinner at Medici

Pallav Goyal and Billy Lee

For more information, see the Medici website and map. Meet in the first year office at , or at the restaurant at .
18 Sep
Forum on Life in Chicago

Colin Aitken and Ishan Banerjee

Commutative Algebra

Thomas Hameister

  • Groups, rings and modules
  • Action of groups
  • Prime ideals, localization

Galois Theory and Number Theory

Aaron Slipper

  • Irreducible polynomials
  • Galois correspondence
  • Normal basis theorem
  • Dedekind domains, rings of integers, splitting of primes, roots of unity
  • p-adic numbers

Afternoon Tea with AWM

Mariya Sardarli

First years only. Meet in the main Quad outside Eckhart if weather permits, otherwise in the Barn. Sponsored by the Association for Women in Mathematics (AWM).
19 Sep
Complex Analysis

Meg Doucette and Minh-Tam Trinh

  • Complex plane and Riemann sphere
  • Cauchy-Riemann equations, analytic implies C infinity
  • Cauchy integral formula, connection with Stokes's theorem
  • Liouville's theorem
  • Singularities, meromorphic functions, Laurent series
  • Computation of integrals using residues
  • Open mapping theorem
  • Mobius transformation on the Riemann sphere
  • SL(2,R) and conformal transformation of the disk. The hyperbolic metric: elliptic, parabolic and hyperbolic isometries
  • Schwartz's lemma: holomorphic maps on the disk contract the hyperbolic metric
  • Harmonic functions

Trip to the Art Institute of Chicago

Minh-Tam Trinh

Meet at the #6 bus stop at Stony Island and 57th Drive. Admission is free with UChicago student ID. Bus fare is $2.25 each way. See the museum website for more information.
20 Sep
Representation Theory of Finite Groups

Claudio Gonzales

  • Maschke's theorem
  • Orthogonality of characters
  • Computing character tables
  • Schur's lemma

Differential geometry

Oliver Wang

  • Parametrized curves, regular curves, arc-length parametrization
  • Frenet frame for a curve, curvature, torsion
  • First and second fundamental forms, curves in surfaces, principal curvatures
  • Gaussian and mean curvature
  • Isometry, Gauss's theorem egregium
  • Gauss-Bonnet
Research talks round 1

  • Minh-Tam Trinh (advisor: Bao Chau Ngo)
  • Mariya Sardarli (advisor: Takis Souganidis)
  • Jon DeWitt (advisor: Amie Wilkinson)
Bowling at Seven Ten Lanes

Billy Lee

Meet at Seven Ten Lanes, near 55th and Ellis.

Hyde Park Bar Crawl

Adan Medrano

After dinner at Seven Ten Lanes, the bar crawl starts at Jimmy's. To participate in the bar crawl, you must have a photo id with age, usually a driver's license, a passport or a US state ID. It must be valid, and it must say that you are at least 21 years old.
21 Sep
61st Street Farmer's Market

Pallav Goyal

Meet in the first year office at and bring cash if you want to buy produce and snacks!
Fall Poker Tournament Spectacular

Reid Harris

The tournament will start punctually at at Reid's flat (5205 South Kimbark Avenue). For those interested, come at for an explanation of the rules. Cheat sheets will be provided.
We will order dinner for all those interested. Please bring a little cash for food if you want it.

Week 2

22 Sep

Thomas Hameister

Come play soccer with others in the Math department at South Field.
23 Sep
Multivariable Calculus

Adan Medrano and Kostas Psaromiligkos

  • Basic Euclidean geometry: dot product, curl, equation of lines, planes
  • Spherical and cylindrical coordinates
  • Total derivatives, Taylor series
  • Inverse and implicit function theorems
  • Immersion and submersion theorems
  • Vector fields, gradient vector fields, Lagrange multipliers
  • Multiple integration: computing volumes and surface area
  • Classial Stokes and divergence theorems
Forum on the First-Year Program

Isabella Scott
Bonfire at the Point

Billy Lee and Pallav Goyal

Meet at Promontory Point.
24 Sep
Physical Sciences Division Welcome Breakfast

Meet at International House, Assembly Hall.

Physical Sciences Division Welcome and Orientation

See the PSD orientation website for more information.
Opening Procession
Begins on the main quad with a bagpipe-led procession to Rockefeller Chapel. There's also lunch at . See the UChicago Grad website for more information. Register on eventbrite.

Graduate Student Social

From the website: "toast to the year ahead with fellow grad students on the Midway, hosted by Graduate Council"
25 Sep
Measure and Integration

Peter Morfe

  • σ-algebras and measures (e.g. Cantor sets)
  • Lebesgue integration, change of variables, Fubini-Tonelli theorem
  • Radon-Nikodyn theorem and conditional expectation
  • Lp spaces, Cauchy-Schwarz, Holder inequalities
  • Duality, Riesz representation theorem, basic Hilbert space theory
  • Fourier series and Fourier transform
Department orientation with faculty

Amie Wilkinson

In Eckhart 202.

Class photo

On the front steps of Eckhart Hall that lead out to the quad.

Sexual Misconduct Awareness and Prevention Meeting

Amie Wilkinson

In Eckhart 202.
Board Game Night

Dylan Quintana

Meet in the first-year office for board and card games.
26 Sep
Faculty Open House

Faculty and Dickson participants
Faculty Office Hours
Benson Farb Ry 356 9:30-11:30, 2-3
Trevor Hyde E 113 9-11:30
Maryanthe Malliaris E 406 9:30-10:30
Akhil Mathew E 326 10-11:30
Madhav Nori E 310 10:00-11:30
Alexander Razborov Ry 257E 9:30-11:30
Charles Smart E 224 9:30-11:30
Takis Souganidis Ry 360G 10-11:30, 2-4
Amie Wilkinson E 412B 9:30-11:30, 2-3
Departmental Welcome Lunch

The Math Department will be hosting a welcome lunch in the Barn. Non-first-years please RSVP to Andrea Rosalez.

Faculty Open House

Faculty and Dickson participants
Faculty Office Hours
László Babai Ry 164 2-5
Marianna Csörnyei Ry 362A 4-5
Matt Emerton Ry 360F 2-5
Benson Farb Ry 356 9:30-11:30, 2-3
Victor Ginzburg E 402 12:30-1:30
George Glauberman E 419 2-3
Greg Lawler E 415 2-4
Brian Lawrence E 333 2-3, 4-5
Peter May E 314 1-5
Takis Souganidis Ry 360G 10-11:30, 2-4
Amie Wilkinson E 412B 9:30-11:30, 2-3
Dinner in Chinatown

Billy Lee

Please RSVP here. Meet at at 55th and University or at at Happy Lamb Mongolian Hot Pot, 2342 S Wentworth Ave. We will take the 55 bus and then the red line to chinatown.

North Side Bar Crawl

Nat Mayer

The first bar is the Map Room at 1949 N Hoyne Ave. Meet there at . To participate in the bar crawl, you must have a photo id with age, usually a driver's license, a passport or a US state ID. It must be valid, and it must say that you are at least 21 years old.
27 Sep
Probability Theory

Bohdan Kivva

  • Discrete and continuous probability spaces. Conditional probability and Bayes theorem
  • Densities (pdf) and distribution functions (cdf)
  • Random variables and independence
  • Expectation (and linearity), variance
  • The main distributions: binomial, geometric, Poisson, exponential, normal
  • Law of large numbers and central limit theorem
  • Moment generating function
Differential Topology

Nacho Darago

  • Tangent and cotangent bundle
  • Vector fields and differential forms
  • Exterior derivatives, pullbacks and that they commute
  • Lie derivatives of vector fields and forms, contraction, Cartan's magic formula
  • Integration of forms

Research talks round 2

  • Ronno Das (advisor: Benson Farb)
  • Eric Stubley (advisor: Frank Calegari)
  • MurphyKate Montee (advisor: Danny Calegari)
Barbecue on the Quad

Thomas Hameister

The second years are also generously organizing a picnic to welcome everyone to the new school year! On the main quad. Plan to stick around for the introductions and the scavenger hunt.
28 Sep
Walk Downtown for Dinner

Ishan Banerjee

Meet in the first-year office (or at the Point at ) for a lakeside walk downtown to Giordano's Pizza at 223 W Jackson Blvd. We will reach the restaurant at around .
29 Sep
Nothing planned. Classes begin Tuesday!