WOMP 2016

(Last updated Sept. 8, 2016.)
We recommend that everyone get a Ventra Card for Chicago public transit.

Talks and forums take place in Eckhart 206 except for on Friday 9/23. Talks (excluding research talks and forums) will consist of a half-hour lecture followed by a half hour problem session per one hour.

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Purple events are mandatory or informational. Come to them.
Green events are math talks meant to refresh your memory and/or give you an idea of what other people in the department do.
Orange events are for enjoyment and bonding. They are highly recommended.

Week 1

Day Morning Afternoon Evening
Sept. 11
11am: Pre-WOMP brunch (Ben O'Connor)
(Check your email for more information.)
Sept. 12
10am: Welcome and Tour of Hyde Park (Nazerke Bakytzhan)
Meet in first year office.
1-3pm: Linear Algebra
(Drew Moore and Rin Ray)

  • Criterion for diagonalizing a matrix
  • Spectral theorem for normal matrices
  • Unitary operators + Polar decomposition
  • Jordan + rational canonical form (using classification of modules/PIDs)
  • Smith normal form
Sept. 13
10-11am: Galois Theory
(Sean Howe)

  • Eisenstein + other irreducibility criteria
  • Galois correspondence
  • Computing explicit Galois groups for polynomials
  • Lifting criteria.

11am-Noon: Commutative Algebra
(Olivier Martin)

  • Classification of modules over PIDs
  • Chinese Remainder Theorem
  • Localization
  • Going up/going down
  • Affine/projective varieties + many examples
  • Nullstellensatz
1pm: Forum on Life in Chicago
3-5pm: Improv Games in the Barn
(Tim Black and Claudio Gonzales)

First years only.
Sept. 14
10am-Noon: Multilinear Algebra and Differential Forms
(Nick Salter and Ian Frankel)

  • Tensor products + their universal properties
  • Symmetric and exterior algebras
  • Wedge product + determinants
  • Exterior derivative + Hodge star and invariant formulations of div/curl/grad/Laplacian + naturality under pullback
  • Cramer’s rule
  • Stokes theorem
  • deRham complex
  • Lie derivative
  • Lie’s magic formula
1-2pm: Finite Representation Theory
(Kevin Casto)

  • Maschke’s Theorem
  • Orthogonality of characters
  • Computing character tables
6pm: Dinner at Medici
(Reid Harris)

For more information, see the Medici website and a map. Meet in the first year office at 5:45pm, or at the restaurant at 6pm.
Sept. 15
10-11am: Category Theory
(Eric Stubley)

11am-Noon: Number Theory
  • Dedekind domains & rings of integers
  • Class number
1pm: Trip to Art Institute of Chicago (Minh-Tam Trinh)
Meet at the #6 bus stop at 55th and S. Hyde Park Blvd. Admission is free with UChicago student ID. Bus fare is $2.25 each way if you pay cash. See the museum website for more information.
Sept. 16
10-11am: Real Analysis
(Stephen Cameron)
  • Taylor series with remainder
  • Lagrange multipliers
  • Arzela-ascoli
  • Bounded variation + a.e. differentiability

11am-Noon: Fourier Series and Hilbert Spaces
(Charly di Fiore)

1-2pm: Measure Theory/Probability
(Rachel Vishnepolsky)

5-7pm: Bowling at Seven-Ten Lanes
(Stephen Cameron)

Meet at Seven-Ten Lanes, near 55th and Ellis.

7pm: Hyde Park Bar Crawl
(Karl Schaefer)

Starts with dinner at Seven-Ten Lanes. To participate in the bar crawl, you must have either a passport or a US state ID/driver's license, it must not be expired, and it must say that you are at least 21 years old.
Sept. 17
11am-1pm: Hyde Park Farmer's Market

Meet in the first year office at 10am and bring cash if you want to buy produce and snacks!
5pm: Fall Poker Tournament Spectacular
It will be held at [T.B.A.] at 6pm. (Don't be late!) For those interested, come at 5pm for an explanation of the rules. Cheat sheets will be provided.
We will order vegetarian and non-vegetarian dinner for all those interested. Please bring a little cash for food if you want it.
Sept. 18
Day off
Have fun!

Week 2

Day Morning Afternoon Evening
Sept. 19
10am-Noon: Covering Spaces and the Fundamental Group
(Reid Harris and Claudio Gonzales)

  • Van Kampen to compute fundamental groups
  • Quotient spaces + quotients by groups (esp. deck groups)
  • Computing fundamental groups from a cell decomposition
  • Galois correspondence
  • Lifting criteria.
1-2pm: Complex Analysis
(Brian Chung)
  • Holomorphic and meromorphic functions
  • Cauchy integral formula
  • Harmonic functions
  • Conformal maps

2-4pm: Research Talks Round 1

Tori Akin: (Advisor: Benson Farb)
Tim Black: (Advisor: Laszlo Babai)
Casey Rodriguez: (Advisor: Carlos Kenig)
8pm: Bonfire at the Point
(Mathilde Gerbelli-Gauthier and Ben O'Connor)

Meet at Promontory Point.
Sept. 20
10-11am: Functional Analysis
(Ben Seeger)

11:15am: Graduate Orientation
Begins on the main quad with a bagpipe-led procession to Rockefeller Chapel. There's also lunch. See the UChicago Grad website for more information.
3-5pm: Graduate Student Social Hour
From the website: "toast to the year ahead with fellow grad students on the Midway, hosted by Graduate Council"
5-8pm: Graduate Student Post-Party
From the website: "continue the celebration with Oktoberfest at International House, featuring Oktoberfest-style dinner and refreshments and live entertainment by Professor Hedeker's band, The Polkaholics!"
Sept. 21
11am-Noon: Gaussian Curvature and the Gauss-Bonnet Theorem
(Subhadip Chowdhury)

Noon-1pm: Parallel Transport and Connections
(Joe Chen)

1:45pm: Class photo
On the front steps of Eckhart Hall that lead out to the quad.

2-5pm: Faculty Open House

7pm: Board Game Night
(Dylan Quintana)

Meet in the first year office for board and card games. Sponsored by the UChicago chapter of the AWM.
Sept. 22
2-4pm: Forum on the First-Year Program 5:45pm: Dinner in Chinatown
(Foling Zou)

Please RSVP here.

Meet 5:45pm at 55th and University or 6:30pm at the restaurant. We will take the 55 bus and then the red line to Chinatown.

The restaurant is:
Little Sheep Mongolian Hot Pot
2342 S Wentworth Ave
Dinner will begin at 6:30 pm

8:30pm: North Side Bar Crawl
(Mathilde Gerbelli-Gauthier and Jonathan Rubin)

The first bar is the Map Room (1949 N Hoyne Ave). Meet there at 8:30pm.
Sept. 23
Noon: Department picnic
The department is generously organizing a picnic to welcome everyone to the new school year! On the main quad. RSVP to Lynette Whalum.
2pm: Research Talks Round 2
(ROOM CHANGE: Eckhart 202)

Ana Balibanu (Advisor: Victor Ginzburg)
Henry Chan (Advisor: Peter May)
Jeff Manning (Advisor: Matt Emerton)
5pm: Department Picnic
The second years are also generously organizing a picnic to welcome everyone to the new school year! (Congratulations on choosing the right year to enter UChicago!) On the main quad.
Sept. 24
2:30pm: Walk Downtown for Dinner
(Claudio Gonzales and Eric Stubley)

Meet in the first-year office (or at the Point at 3pm) for a lakeside walk downtown to Giordano's Pizza at 223 W. Jackson Blvd. (map). We will reach the restaurant at around 5:45pm.
Sept. 25
Nothing planned. Classes begin Monday!