WOMP 2015

We recommend that everyone get a Ventra Card (with automatic reloading, not the full-fledged debit card!) for Chicago public transit.

Talks and forums take place in Eckhart 203. Talks (excluding research talks and forums) will consist of a half-hour lecture followed by a half hour problem session per one hour.

Purple events are mandatory or informational. Come to them.
Green events are math talks meant to refresh your memory and give you an idea of what other people in the department do.
Orange events are for enjoyment and bonding. They are highly recommended.

Week 1

Day Morning Afternoon Evening
Sept. 14
10am: Welcome and Tour of Hyde Park
Meet in Eckhart 206.
1pm: Linear Algebra (Tim Black and Zev Chonoles)

  • Criterion for diagonalizing a matrix
  • Spectral theorem for normal matrices
  • Unitary operators + Polar decomposition
  • Jordan + rational canonical form (using classification of modules/PIDs)
  • Smith normal form

Sept. 15
10am: Galois Theory
(Sean Howe)

  • Eisenstein + other irreducibility criteria
  • Galois correspondence
  • Computing explicit Galois groups for polynomials
  • Lifting criteria.

11am: Finite Representation Theory
(Kevin Casto)

  • Maschke’s Theorem
  • Orthogonality of characters
  • Computing character tables

1pm: Forum on Life in Chicago
3pm-5:30pm: Improv Games in the Barn
First years only.
Sept. 16
10am: Multilinear Algebra and Differential Forms (Sergei Sagatov and Li Yu)
  • Tensor products + their universal properties
  • Symmetric and exterior algebras
  • Wedge product + determinants
  • Exterior derivative + Hodge star and invariant formulations of div/curl/grad/Laplacian + naturality under pullback
  • Cramer’s rule
  • Stokes theorem
  • deRham complex
  • Lie derivative
  • Lie’s magic formula

1pm: Measure Theory
(Seung uk Jang)

  • Sigma-algebras and measures
  • Axioms of conditional expectation and statement of Radon-Nikodym
  • Fubini
  • L^p spaces
  • Random variables and statement of central limit theorem

6pm: Dinner at Medici
For more information, see the Medici website and a map. Meet in the first year office at 5:45pm, or at the restaurant at 6pm.
Sept. 17
10am: Commutative Algebra
(Asilata Bapat)
  • Classification of modules over PIDs
  • Chinese Remainder Theorem
  • Localization
  • Going up/going down
  • Affine/projective varieties + many examples
  • Nullstellensatz

11am: Number Theory
(Nir Gadish)
  • Dedekind domains & rings of integers
  • Class number
1pm: Trip to Art Institute of Chicago
Meet at the #6 bus stop at 55th and S. Hyde Park Blvd. Admission is free with UChicago student ID. Bus fare is $2.25 each way if you pay cash. See the museum website for more information.
Sept. 18
10am: Real Analysis
(Stephen Cameron)
  • Taylor series with remainder
  • Lagrange multipliers
  • Arzela-ascoli
  • Bounded variation + a.e. differentiability

11am: Fourier Series and Hilbert Spaces
(Daniel Campos-Salas)

1pm: Research Talks Round 1

Clark Butler: (Advisor: Amie Wilkinson)
Sean Howe: (Advisor: Matt Emerton)
Simion Filip: (Advisor: Alex Eskin)

5pm: Bowling at Seven-Ten Lanes
Meet at Seven-Ten Lanes, near 55th and Ellis.

7pm: Hyde Park Bar Crawl
Starts with dinner at Seven-Ten Lanes. To participate in the bar crawl, you must have either a passport or a US state ID/driver's license, it must not be expired, and it must say that you are at least 21 years old.
Sept. 19
5pm: Fall Poker Tournament Spectacular
It will be held at Math Frat at 6pm. (Don't be late!) For those interested, come at 5pm for an explanation of the rules. Cheat sheets will be provided.
We will order vegetarian and non-vegetarian dinner for all those interested. Please bring a little cash for food if you want it.
Sept. 20
Day off

Week 2

Day Morning Afternoon Evening
Sept. 21
10am: Covering Spaces and the Fundamental Group
(Subhadip Chowdhury and Oishee Banerjee)

  • Van Kampen to compute fundamental groups
  • Quotient spaces + quotients by groups (esp. deck groups)
  • Computing fundamental groups from a cell decomposition
  • Galois correspondence
  • Lifting criteria.
1pm: Complex Analysis
(Alan Chang)
  • Holomorphic and meromorphic functions
  • Cauchy integral formula
  • Harmonic functions
  • Conformal maps
2pm: Categories for Working Mathematicians
(Jonathan Rubin)

8pm: Bonfire at the Point
Meet at Promontory Point.
Sept. 22
11:20am: Graduate Orientation
Begins on the main quad with a bagpipe-led procession to Rockefeller Chapel.
1pm: Curvature of Curves and Gaussian Curvature of Surfaces
(Charly di Fiore)

2pm: Parallel Transport and Connections
(Reid Harris)

3pm: Graduate Student Social Hour
Takes place on the Midway.
Sept. 23
1pm: Faculty Open House

3pm: First Year Orientation Meeting
8pm: Game Night in the Barn
Meet in the Barn (big room on the 3rd floor where Eckhart meets Ryerson) for board and card games. Sponsored by the UChicago chapter of the AWM.
Sept. 24
10am: Forum on the First-Year Program
1pm: First Year Group Photo
Meet on the front steps of Eckhart.

1:30pm: Title IX Session on Sexual Harassment
In Eckhart 203 after group photo.
5:30pm: Dinner in Chinatown and North Side Bar Crawl
Meet at the #55 bus stop at 55th and University to take the 55 bus and then the red line to Chinatown.
For those who wish to go by themselves, the address of the restaurant is 2002 S Wentworth Ave, Chicago, IL 60616
Dinner will begin at 6:30 pm
Sept. 25
11am: Sleep in / Pancake Breakfast
Meet at The Original Pancake House, near 47th St. and Lake Park Ave.
2pm: Research Talks Round 2

Max Engelstein (Advisor: Carlos Kenig)
Paul Apisa (Advisor: Alex Eskin)
Tim Black (Advisor: Laszlo Babai)
5pm: Department Picnic
Organized by the second-year class. Takes place outside Eckhart Hall.
Sept. 26
2:30pm: Walk Downtown for Dinner
Meet in the first-year office (or at the Point at 3pm) for a lakeside walk downtown to Giordano's Pizza at 223 W. Jackson Blvd. (map). We will reach the restaurant at around 5:45pm.
Sept. 27
Nothing planned. Classes begin Monday!