WOMP 2013

We recommend that everyone get a Ventra Card (with automatic reloading, not the full-fledged debit card!) for Chicago public transit.

Talks and forums take place in Eckhart 206 during the first week and in Eckhart 203 during the second, unless otherwise noted.

Purple events are mandatory or informational. Come to them.
Green events are math talks meant to refresh your memory and give you an idea of what other people in the department do.
Orange events are for enjoyment and bonding. They are highly recommended.

Week 1

Day Morning Afternoon Evening
Sept. 16
10am: Welcome and Tour of Hyde Park
Meet in Eckhart 206.
1pm: Algebra I
Abstract Algebra (Robin Walters)

Review of linear and multi-linear algebra. Tensor and wedge products. Rings and localization, modules, modules over PIDs.
Representation Theory (Jonathan Wang)
Representations of finite groups, characters, Lie algebras, representations of Lie algebras.
8pm: Game Night in the Barn
Meet in the Barn (big room on the 3rd floor where Eckhart meets Ryerson) for board and card games. Sponsored by the UChicago chapter of the AWM.
Sept. 17
10am: Analysis I
Real Analysis (Clark Butler)

Metric spaces, uniform convergence and continuity, Arzela-Ascoli, function spaces.
Measure Theory (Rachel Vishnepolsky)
Measures, Lebesgue measure and Lebesgue integration, L^p spaces and convergence.
1pm: Forum on Life in Chicago
Sept. 18
10am: Geometry I
Point-Set Topology (Zhouli Xu)

Topological spaces, continuity, convergence, compactness, connectedness. Quotients. Homotopy and the fundamental group.
Algebraic Topology (Rolf Hoyer)
Algebraic structure on the category of spaces. An outline of covering spaces and homology, examples.
1pm: Analysis II
Functional Analysis (Tianqi Fan)

Basic notions of functional analysis. Weak topologies, operators on Banach spaces, spectral theory. The Gelfand spectrum.
PDE (Casey Rodriguez)
Review and preview of techniques and facts that are used in the study of PDEs, through the eigenvalue problem for the the 1-D Schrodinger equation.
6pm: Dinner at Medici
For more information, see the Medici website and a map. Meet in the first year office at 5:45pm, or at the restaurant at 6pm.
Sept. 19
10am: Algebra II
Fields and Galois Theory (Sean Howe)

Basic terminology of field extensions and statements of Galois theory with an emphasis on applications.
Number Theory (Valia Gazaki)
Dedekind domains, rings of integers, and the ideal class group. Finiteness of the ideal class number and applications.
1pm: Trip to Art Institute of Chicago
Meet at the #6 bus stop at 55th and S. Hyde Park Blvd. Admission is free with UChicago student ID. Bus fare is $2.25 each way if you pay cash. See the museum website for more information.
Sept. 20
10am: Geometry II
Multivariable Calculus (Ian Frankel)
Calculus in R^n. Inverse and implicit function theorems, change of variables, classical Stokes theorems.
Manifold Theory (Jenny Wilson)
Smooth and topological manifolds. Tangent spaces and calculus on manifolds, partitions of unity, Whitney embedding theorem. Many examples.
1pm: Analysis III
Complex Analysis (Weiyan Chen)

Holomorphic and meromorphic functions, the Cauchy formula. Strong and surprising geometric results, e.g. Schwarz lemma, Mobius transformations, Poincare metric.
Probability (Jacob Perlman)
Random variables and distribution functions. Expectation, independence, simple random walk and the central limit theorem.
5pm: Bowling at Seven-Ten Lanes
Meet at Seven-Ten Lanes, near 55th and Ellis.

7pm: Hyde Park Bar Crawl
Starts with dinner at Seven-Ten Lanes. To participate in the bar crawl, you must have either a passport or a US state ID/driver's license, it must not be expired, and it must say that you are at least 21 years old.
Sept. 21
5pm: Fall Poker Tournament Spectacular
Hosted by Math Frat, 5442 S. Ellis.
For those interested, come at 5pm for a Chris-tastic explanation of the rules. Cheat sheets will be provided. Tournament starts at 6. (Don't be late!)
We will order vegetarian and non-vegetarian dinner for all those interested. Please bring a little cash for food if you want it. Beer and fancy cocktails will be available. An after-party at Jimmy's may follow.
Sept. 22
Day off

Week 2

Day Morning Afternoon Evening
Sept. 23
10am: Research talks
Daniel Studenmund
-- Hidden Symmetries of Groups
Casey Rodriguez -- An Introduction to the Calderon Problem
John Wilmes -- Automorphisms of Strongly Regular Graphs
Robin Walters -- D-Modules and Sato-Bernstein
1pm: Algebra III
Commutative Algebra and Algebraic Geometry (Preston Wake)

Rings, prime ideals, localization, pictures of rings and things that can be determined from the pictures.
Category Theory (Henry Chan)
Basic definitions and motivation; lots of examples. Functors and natural transformations, products and coproducts, limits and colimits.
8pm: Bonfire at the Point
Meet at Promontory Point.
Sept. 24
10:30am: Graduate Orientation
Begins on the main quad with a bagpipe-led procession to Rockefeller Chapel.
Junior Faculty Day
The new postdocs will introduce themselves and present their research. The schedule is here. You're welcome to attend as much/little of the event as you like.
3pm: Graduate Student Social Hour
Takes place on the Midway.
Sept. 25
9:30am: Geometry III
Riemannian Geometry (Katie Mann)

Riemannian metrics, geodesics, the exponential map, parallel transport for dummies (a.k.a. how do I think about connections?) and curvature.
Differential Forms (Simion Filip)
Differential forms -- what are they and why should I care? (Many!) examples and applications.
12:30pm First-Year Photo
Meet on the front steps of Eckhart.

1pm: Department Orientation

3pm: Faculty Open House

Sept. 26
10am: Forum on the First-Year Program
2pm: Research Talks
Preston Wake -- Zeta Values and Galois Representations
Jessica Lin -- Homogenization of Nonlinear PDEs
Alex Wright -- Rational Billiards and Beyond
Katie Mann -- Groups Acting on Manifolds
5:30pm: Dinner in Chinatown and North Side Bar Crawl
Meet at the #4 bus stop at 55th and Cottage Grove. You will need a Chicago Card (preferred) or a lot of $1 bills to pay for transit. If you are coming to the bar crawl after dinner, you must have either a passport or a US state ID/driver's license, it must not be expired, and it must say that you are at least 21 years old.
Sept. 27
11am: Sleep in / Pancake Breakfast
Meet at The Original Pancake House, near 47th St. and Lake Park Ave.
2pm: Faculty Open House
5pm: Department Picnic
Organized by the second-year class. Takes place outside Eckhart Hall.
Sept. 28
2:30pm: Walk Downtown for Dinner
Meet in the first-year office (or at the Point at 3pm) for a lakeside walk downtown to Giordano's Pizza at 135 E. Lake St. (map). We will reach the restaurant at around 5:45pm. Anyone planning to meet us at the restaurant should phone Ian Frankel at 609-647-5370 by 4pm so he can make reservations.
Sept. 29
Nothing planned. Classes begin Monday!