Math 19520, Section 41

Fall 2017

Subhadip Chowdhury

Office: Eckhart 3

(in the Basement of Eckhart Building)

Office Hours:

Monday 4-5PM and Friday 3-4PM, Eck 3

Problem Session:

Thursday 6-7PM, Cobb 219


General Policy:


Office hours and Problem Sessions

Please use office hours wisely. It is best to discuss problems with others in the class first, and come to ask in a group if you're all stuck. Note that Problem sessions are for discussing new examples only, not done in class or assigned in homework.


Apart from homework, there will be n in-class quizzes, two midterms, and a final exam. The quiz will be on Friday at the end of class. Here is how I will roughly weigh the tests, homeworks and quizzes:

Important Dates:

It is the policy of the Department of Mathematics that the following rules apply to final exams in all undergraduate mathematics courses:
  1. The final exam must occur at the time and place designated on the College Final Exam Schedule. In particular, NO final examinations may be given during the tenth week of the quarter, except in the case of graduating seniors.
  2. Instructors are not permitted to excuse students from the scheduled time of the final exam except in the cases of an Incomplete.

Miscellaneous Items of Interest:


You should do the homework exercises and reading BEFORE the next class, but turn in your work on the date given.

The pattern is: Wednesday and Friday and Monday's homework is due on Friday.