Q: What games will we play? Can I bring my own console games or board Games?

See the list on the main page for the official games. A subset of these will be played throughout the evening depending on time and interest. If you have something else you want to play, you can probably find someone else to play it with you! So bring any game that you want.

Q: How should I prep my rig for the LAN games?

Install Steam and all the Steam-based games we might be playing (see the event page for the official games list). The MOBA games (e.g. DOTA, LoL, HoTS etc.) are good to install beforehand since it can take some time. Other games will be available for install at the party. Also, feel free to etch your team insignia into your laptop lid and possibly also get it tattooed on your face.

Q: What's for dinner? When is dinner?

Usually some delicious middle eastern food, and sometime pizza later! Food will arrive around 6PM.

Q: I make delicious <baked good>, should I bring some?


Q: Do I need to RSVP?

No, but if you know you're coming then you should through the Facebook page to give us a rough idea of attendance.

Q: Will it really go on till 4AM?

Yes. But you can come for a shorter amount of time if you want to play only specific games.


Party Plus Video Games will be located in third floor of Ryerson, the BARN. If you can't get in to the building, look for a door bell! (Note that if you have access to Eckhart then you can reach the barn in Ryerson through Eckhart by going up to the third floor and then walking west).