Student Number Theory Seminar -- Spring 2014

We meet in Eckhart 312 on Thursdays from 10:30am-12:00m (see below for the exact schedule). If you want to be added to the mailing list, e-mail me (Sean).

We will be going through Scholze's "The Langland-Kottwitz Approach for the Modular Curve."

April 3 -- Organizational meeting

April 10 -- Dan, exercises from the first video of Scholze's MSRI lectures (homework for this meeting: watch the first video, see resources below for the link)

April 17 -- Jesse - Honda-Tate theory (number of isogeny classes of elliptic curves)

April 24 -- Sean - the part of X(N)(FF_p) associated to an isogeny class. Notes.

May 1 -- Fan - Arthur-Selberg trace formula

May 8 -- Dan - Relating twisted and usual orbital integrals

May 15 -- Sean - The boundary

May 22 -- Jonathan (probably) - Drinfeld Model, computation of nearby cycles

May 29 -- Preston - Special test function

June 5 -- Jingren - Local Langlands

"The Langland-Kottwitz Approach for the Modular Curve.

"The Langland-Kottwitz Approach for Some Simple Shimura Varieties.

Scholze's 2013 MSRI lecture series, videos available at the meeting website.