Sean Howe. seanpkh AT gmail DOT com. My CV.

A non-trivial (follow the orange line!) monodromy of the 27 lines on a cubic surface coming from a symmetry of the Clebsch cubic.

Who are you, anyway?

I am a fifth year (2016-2017) PhD student in mathematics at the University of Chicago; my advisor is Matt Emerton. In July 2012 I received a joint master's degree from Leiden University and Universite Paris-Sud 11 through the ALGANT integrated masters course.

My CV.

E-mail: seanpkh AT gmail DOT com.
Office: TAAC 27.

(This is me in September 2016 on Maui. Unfortunately, you're more likely to find me in my office.)

What's your deal?

I am interested in arithmetic geometry, algebraic geometry, and number theory. My main areas of research are In the past (and maybe again in the future!) I've also worked on

What are you working on now?

p-adic automorphic forms and the p-adic geometry of Shimura varieties



arithmetic statistics and representation stability



What else have you done?

Older papers, etc.:

Links to seminars/reading groups:

Spring 2015 No Theory Seminar
Winter 2015 No Theory Seminar
Fall 2014 No Theory Seminar
Spring 2014 Student NT Seminar -- On Scholze's "Langland-Kottwitz approach for..." papers
Winter 2014 Scholze Reading Group.
Fall 2013 p-adic cohomology Reading Group.
Summer 2013 Hodge Theory Reading Group.