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I am a fourth year PhD student in mathematics at the University of Chicago; my advisor is Matt Emerton. I am interested in arithmetic geometry, algebraic geometry, and number theory. My current focus is on p-adic automorphic forms, but I've also been dabbling in arithmetic statistics. In the past I've worked on problems of unlikely intersection (cf. my master thesis below) and isoperimetric problems.

In July 2012 I received a Joint Master Degree from Leiden University and Universite Paris-Sud 11 through the ALGANT integrated masters course. I wrote my thesis with Bas Edixhoven, entitled "Higher genus counterexamples to relative Manin-Mumford." You can find it here.

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Some notes from talks:

Slides from a 2015-07-28 talk at the AMS 2015 Algebraic Summer Institute at the University of Utah on p-adic modular forms and the Hodge-Tate period map

Slides from a 2015-03-15 talk at the Arkansas Spring Lecture Series at the University of Arkansas on Point counting, stability, and the complement of the discriminant locus

Links to seminars/reading groups:

Spring 2015 No Theory Seminar
Winter 2015 No Theory Seminar
Fall 2014 No Theory Seminar
Spring 2014 Student NT Seminar -- On Scholze's "Langland-Kottwitz approach for..." papers
Winter 2014 Scholze Reading Group.
Fall 2013 p-adic cohomology Reading Group.
Summer 2013 Hodge Theory Reading Group.

This is me circa 2007 at the University of Washington REU. I can't promise I'll be this happy to see you.