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I am a fourth year PhD student in mathematics at the University of Chicago; my advisor is Matt Emerton. I am interested in arithmetic geometry, algebraic geometry, and number theory. My current focuses are p-adic automorphic forms and arithmetic statistics. In the past I've worked on problems of unlikely intersection (cf. my master thesis below) and isoperimetric problems.

In July 2012 I received a Joint Master Degree from Leiden University and Universite Paris-Sud 11 through the ALGANT integrated masters course. I wrote my thesis with Bas Edixhoven, entitled "Higher genus counterexamples to relative Manin-Mumford." You can find it here.

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Office - TAAC 27.

Some notes from talks:

Slides from a 2016-06-24 talk at the 14th Meeting of the Canadian Number Theory Association on The p-adic Jacquet-Langlands correspondence and a question of Serre

Slides from a 2015-07-28 talk at the AMS 2015 Algebraic Summer Institute at the University of Utah on p-adic modular forms and the Hodge-Tate period map

Slides from a 2015-03-15 talk at the Arkansas Spring Lecture Series at the University of Arkansas on Point counting, stability, and the complement of the discriminant locus

Links to seminars/reading groups:

Spring 2015 No Theory Seminar
Winter 2015 No Theory Seminar
Fall 2014 No Theory Seminar
Spring 2014 Student NT Seminar -- On Scholze's "Langland-Kottwitz approach for..." papers
Winter 2014 Scholze Reading Group.
Fall 2013 p-adic cohomology Reading Group.
Summer 2013 Hodge Theory Reading Group.

This is me circa 2007 at the University of Washington REU. I can't promise I'll be this happy to see you.