Wilhelm Schlag

Slides from talks

Harmonic and classical analysis PDEs Operator theory

Harmonic and classical analysis

  1. Some continuum incidence problems related to harmonic analysis

  2. On the Hardy-Littlewood majorant problem

Linear and Nonlinear PDEs

  1. Global existence for large data wave maps

  2. Decay for waves on curved backgrounds (similar to the one on the front page)

  3. Conditional Stability of the pseudo-conformal blowup

  4. Developments in hyperbolic equations (Ohio State Talk)

  5. Developments in hyperbolic equations (Walter Strauss Conference)

  6. Blowup for hyperbolic equations

  7. Dispersive estimates for charge transfer models

  8. Energy growth for solutions to Schroedinger equations with Markovian forcing

  9. Time decay for solutions of Schroedinger equations

Operator and spectral theory

  1. Schroedinger operators with quasi-periodic potentials (these are the slides from the Simon Fest in 2006)

  2. On discrete Schroedinger operators with stochastic potentials