Wilhelm Schlag and Gene Wayne

Special Session at the AMS/MAA joint meeting Boston, January 4-7, 2012

Stability Analysis for Infinite Dimensional Hamiltonian Systems

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Description of the special session

The goal of our special session is to bring together researchers working on various aspects
of the long-term dynamical properties of evolution PDEs, mostly of the dispersive kind
such as Schroedinger, wave, Klein-Gordon, and KdV. This includes both completely integrable equations
as well as those that do not fall into this class.

Of particular interest are equations that admit soliton-like solutions, i.e., stationary or
periodic solutions which are highly localized in space.
The stability analysis of such solutions is one of the central topics in the theory of
nonlinear dispersive equations, and it continues to play an important role in the development
of the field, both in terms of analytical methodology as well as phenomenological insights.

We hope that this meeting will help in characterizing and understanding some of
the problems that currently define this field.
The past ten years have seen several important advances in our understanding of nonlinear
evolution PDEs, which have brought about both the solution of problems as well as the influx of
new ideas and methods from very diverse areas such as KAM theory, spectral theory,
microlocal analysis, harmonic analysis, dynamical systems, invariant manifold theory, normal forms,
and singular perturbation theory. In addition, many more problems have come into focus.
This session brings together experts from diverse areas but with common interests in nonlinear evolution
equations with the hope that it may advance the field.

Names of Speakers

General information

All talks are 25 minutes long with 5 minutes for questions.

Unfortunatley, no support is available for this kind of meeting.
We hope that the participants will be able to cover their expenses from other sources.
Please make travel and accommodation arrangements well in advance, as this is a rather large meeting.
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