The AV Club (Abelian Varieties Reading Group)

Meeting times: Tuesday 4:30-6pm (Eckhart 202), Wednesday 2:30-4pm (Eckhart 207)

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Tentative Schedule

Lecture 1: Elliptic Curves (see more; Paul Apisa, Tues. Oct. 13 )

Lecture 2: Basic Abelian Varieties 1 - Polarization and Line Bundles (see more; Jack Shotton; Wed. Oct. 14)

Lecture 3/4: Basic Abelian Varieties 2/3 - Mordell-Weil (see more; Minh-Tam Trinh, Tues. Oct. 20 and Wed. Oct. 21)

Lecture 5: What is a Group Scheme (and why care)? (see more; Yiwen Zhou, Tues. Oct. 27)

Lecture 6: Group Schemes 2 (see more; Yiwen Zhou, Wed. Oct. 28)

Lecture 7: What is the modular curve over C? (see more; Paul Apisa, Tues. Nov. 3)

Lecture 8: Group Schemes 3 (see more; Yiwen Zhou, Wed. Nov. 4)

Lecture 9: What are modular forms on X(1)? (see more; Paul Apisa, Tues. Nov. 10)

Lecture 10: Raynaud's Theorem (see more; Yiwen Zhou, Wed. Nov. 11)

Lecture 11: What are modular curves over Q? (see more; Cancelled, Tues. Nov. 17)

Lecture 12: Reduction of Elliptic Curves (see more; Olivier Martin (tentatively), Wed. Nov. 18)

Lecture 13: How to compactify the modular curves (see more; Jack Sempliner, Tues. Nov. 24)

Lecture 14: Neron Models of Abelian Varieties (see more; Sean Howe, Tues. Dec. 1)

Lecture 15: Hecke Operators and Atkin Lehner involution (see more; Jeff Manning (tentatively) Wed. Dec. 2)

Lecture 16: When do the rational points of an AV have rank zero? (see more; Tues. Dec. 8)

Lecture 17: How to make a Galois representation from a weight 2 Hecke eigenform (see more; Jeff Manning (tentatively) Wed. Dec 9)

Lecture 18: Rational Points on ECs and Morphisms from X_0(N) to AVs. (see more; in Winter Quarter!)

Lecture 19: Reducing J_0(N) mod N (see more; in Winter Quarter!)

Lecture 20: Proof of Mazur (see more; in Winter Quarter!)