Nathaniel Mayer

It's me!


I completed my PhD from the University of Chicago in July 2022, advised by Benson Farb. I concurrently recived a BA in mathematics and physics and an MA in mathematics at Harvard University in 2016. My research interests include hyperbolic geometry, algebraic geometry, and algebraic topology; most recently I worked on Tschirnhaus transformations, their potential geometric obstructions, and applications towards Hilbert's 13th problem. More details are available in my CV.


In my teaching, I strive to meet each individual student wherever they are and whatever their circumstances, to not only help them understand the specific course material but to contextualize it within the broader field of mathematics and the world, all while building general-purpose logical thinking skills. Here is a full statement of my teaching philosophy.

I was awarded the Lawrence and Josephine Graves Prize for excellence in undergraduate mathematics teaching in 2020, and the Harvard University Certificate of Distinction in Teaching in 2014.

Lecturer (University of Chicago)

As lecturer I am the instructor of record for my section, customizing the curriculum and writing all of my own lectures, homeworks, and exams.

Teaching Assistant (University of Chicago)

Teaching Assistant (Harvard University)


A parameter space for Tschirnhaus transformations. PhD thesis. University of Chicago, 2022.

With C. Adams, A. Calderon. Generalized bipyramids and hyperbolic volumes of alternating k-uniform tiling links. Topology and its Applications, 271, 2020. arXiv

With C. Adams, et al. Volume and determinant densities of hyperbolic rational links. Journal of Knot Theory and its Ramifications, 26, no. 1, 2017. arXiv