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A trace formula for the distribution of rational G-orbits in ramified covers, adapted to representation stability.
Categories of FI type: a unified approach to generalizing representation stability and character polynomials.
Journal of Algebra, Volume 480 (2017), pp. 450-486.
Representation Stability for Familied of Linear Subspace Arrangements.

Not for publication

In Winter 2014 I passed my topic exam, on representation stability and applications to arithmetic statistics, under the supervision of Benson Farb. The proposal is here.

In Spring 2012 submitted my undergraduate thesis, on a free DGLA model for the 2-cell, under the supervision of Ruth Lawrence. The thesis is here.


Seminar and conference talks

Categories of FI-type: a combinatorial structure underlying rep. stability
2017 Apr at Indiana University, Bloomington (AMS Secitonal Meeting)
Representation Stability for Families of Linear Subspace Arrangements
2016 Sep at Bowdoin College (AMS Sectional Meeting)


Hamiltonian dynamics and Noether's theorem
2016 Nov in the Farb and Friends Student Seminar (U. of Chicago)
Classical mechanics without coordinates
2016 Oct in the student Pizza Seminar (U. of Chicago)
Nonstandard Analysis (limits bad, infinitesimals good)
2016 Apr in the student Pizza Seminar (U. of Chicago)
Destiny, fate and free will - an incomplete guide to forcing and independence in Set theory
2015 Mar in the student Pizza Seminar (U. of Chicago)



Representation theory supplementary material

About me

I'm a graduate student in at The University of Chicago, interested in the interplay between geometric topology and representation stability.

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Advisor Benson Farb