Math 277, Mathematical Logic, Autumn Quarter 2018

Course: TTh 12:30-1:50, E 206.
This course continues as Math 278 in the Winter Quarter.

Course instructor: M. Malliaris, E 406.
Office hours: Monday 9:45-11am and Thursday 10-11am, and by appointment.
Tenth week: Tuesday 12/4 10-11am, Thursday 12/6 10-11am, Friday 12/7 10am-noon. You can also find me on Sunday 12/9 from 10:30am-noon in my office (these are the last office hours before our Tuesday exam).

Course assistant: I. Scott, E 08
Office hours: Tuesday 17-18.00 and Weds 14.30-16.30
You can also find I.S. on Sunday 12/9 from 3:30-5pm at the Study Break in the Barn.

Problem Session: Thursday 17-18.00, Ryerson 358

References (suggested, not required): Chang and Keisler, Model Theory, third edition (Dover).
You may also enjoy looking at Enderton's Mathematical Introduction to Logic.

Midterm: Thursday, October 25, in class (Thursday of fourth week).

Final Exam: on the preliminary exam schedule, Tuesday, December 11, 1:30 PM - 3:30 PM.

  • Week 1 documents : Syllabus, Homework 1. Note the time and place homework is due. (Per Canvas announcement: before 4pm in Scott's mailbox in the basement of Eckhart.)

  • Week 2 documents : Homework 2. I also distributed handouts from Cohen and Jech (ask me if you did not receive one) and added an additional challenge problem.

  • Week 3 documents : Midterm exam review sheet. No homework assigned this week.

  • Week 4 documents : Midterm exam, copies available in my office.

  • Week 5 documents : Homework 3. I also distributed a copy of the definition of truth in a model from CK.

  • Week 6 documents : Homework 4. I also distributed a handout on deduction.

  • Week 7 documents : No homework assigned this week.

  • Week 8 documents : Homework 5. Note the nonstandard due date (both day and time).

  • Week 9 documents : Final exam review sheet.

    It is the policy of the Department of Mathematics that the following rules apply to final exams in all undergraduate mathematics courses:
  • The final exam must occur at the time and place designated on the College Final Exam Schedule. In particular, no final examinations may be given during the tenth week of the quarter, except in the case of graduating seniors.
  • Instructors are not permitted to excuse students from the scheduled time of the final exam except in the cases of an Incomplete, or a graduating senior.