In Preparation

Amalgamations of abelian groups and the topology of their character varieties, with J. Souto.

Topological aspects of the dynamic moduli space of rational maps, with K. Filom and S. Nariman.


The topology of Baumslag-Solitar representations, with L. Silberman, available on the arXiv:1902.04046.

Refereed Papers

An upper bound for the volumes of complements of periodic geodesics, with T. Pinsky and L. Silberman, to appear in International Mathematics Research Notices.

A note on nilpotent representations, with L. Silberman, Journal of Group Theory 19-1 (2016),125--135.

The Topology of Nilpotent Representations in Reductive Groups and their Maximal Compact Subgroups, Geometry & Topology 19-3 (2015), 1383--1407.

Écritures réduites de l'élément le plus long des groupes de Coxeter fini, with M. Robado and M. Scott, Bulletin de l’Association Mathématique du Québec, Vol. LII, no. 4, décembre 2012.


Complex Reductive Algebraic Groups
(in case you find yourself wondering why a complex reductive algebraic group has a compact real form), December 2013.