The University of Chicago Mathematics REU 2018

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Program Notes

2018 REU: Participant talks Wednesday Aug 8

  • Leonardo Guilhoto. Understanding Neural Networks Through Functional Analysis
  • Xinyu Shi. Cryptography and number theory
  • Amin Idelhaj. How to multiply complex numbers
  • Alex Manchester. Geometric group theory
  • Calder Sheagren. Introduction to Hodge Theory
  • Marlin Figgins. Classifying Anosov Diffeomorphisms and Manifolds Admitting Them
  • Matthew Scalamandre. An Introduction to Equivariant Cohomology
  • Saad Slaoui. Representability in algebraic topology
  • 2018 REU: Participant talks Thursday Aug 9

  • Cecelia Higgins. An Invitation to Large Cardinals
  • John Jae Hyung Sim. Introduction to p-adic Numbers and Their Use in Algebraic Number Theory
  • Gregory Bixler. Introduction to differential forms
  • Zhiqi (Canvas) Li. An introduction to persistent homology
  • Douglas Dow. The Plateau Problem of surfaces in R^3
  • Tejasi Bhatnagar. Modular forms and Modular curves
  • Douglas Stryker. Eigenvalue Comparison Techniques in Riemannian Geometry
  • Jacob Keller. Geometric Methods in Representation Theory

    2018 REU: Participant talks Friday Aug 10

  • Rohan Dandavati. Fourier Analysis: an Algorithmic Perspective
  • James Zhou. A Combinatorial Game and the Method of Conditional Probabilities
  • Yevgeniya Zhukova. A Look at the Functors Ext and Tor
  • Eleanor McSpirit. Modeling Homotopy Groups of CW-complexes Using Subdivisions of A-spaces
  • Colin Ni. Characteristic classes and obstruction theory
  • Valerie Han. The Graphon as a Limit for Dense Graphs
  • Esme Bajo. The ErdÅ‘s-Hajnal Conjecture
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  • 2018 REU: Participant talks Wednesday Aug 8
  • 2018 REU: Participant talks Thursday Aug 9
  • 2018 REU: Participant talks Friday Aug 10



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