The University of Chicago Mathematics REU 2018

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Program Notes

2018 REU: Participant talks Wednesday Aug 8

  • Leonardo Guilhoto. Understanding Neural Networks Through Functional Analysis
  • Xinyu Shi. Cryptography and number theory
  • Amin Idelhaj. How to multiply complex numbers
  • Alex Manchester. Geometric group theory
  • Calder Sheagren. Introduction to Hodge Theory
  • Marlin Figgins. Classifying Anosov Diffeomorphisms and Manifolds Admitting Them
  • Matthew Scalamandre. An Introduction to Equivariant Cohomology
  • Saad Slaoui. Representability in algebraic topology
  • 2018 REU: Participant talks Thursday Aug 9

  • Cecelia Higgins. An Invitation to Large Cardinals
  • John Jae Hyung Sim. Introduction to p-adic Numbers and Their Use in Algebraic Number Theory
  • Gregory Bixler. Introduction to differential forms
  • Zhiqi (Canvas) Li. An introduction to persistent homology
  • Douglas Dow. The Plateau Problem of surfaces in R^3
  • Tejasi Bhatnagar. Modular forms and Modular curves
  • Douglas Stryker. Eigenvalue Comparison Techniques in Riemannian Geometry
  • Jacob Keller. Geometric Methods in Representation Theory

    2018 REU: Participant talks Friday Aug 10

  • Rohan Dandavati. Fourier Analysis: an Algorithmic Perspective
  • James Zhou. A Combinatorial Game and the Method of Conditional Probabilities
  • Yevgeniya Zhukova. A Look at the Functors Ext and Tor
  • Eleanor McSpirit. Modeling Homotopy Groups of CW-complexes Using Subdivisions of A-spaces
  • Colin Ni. Characteristic classes and obstruction theory
  • Valerie Han. The Graphon as a Limit for Dense Graphs
  • Esme Bajo. The ErdÅ‘s-Hajnal Conjecture

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  • Anand Daniel Abraham. 0-1 laws in logic: an overview. (pdf)
  • Esme Bajo. A study in combinatorics and model theory. (pdf)
  • Esme Bajo. Quillen equivalences of model theories. (pdf)
  • Tejasi Bhatnagar. Modular forms and modular curves. (pdf)
  • Gregory Bixler. Visualizing exterior calculus. (pdf)
  • Andrew Cohen. Modeling tribal populations under multilevel selection. (pdf)
  • Rohan Dandavati. The Fourier transform on finite groups: theory and computation. (pdf)
  • Douglas Dow. The parameterized Plateau problem. (pdf)
  • Marlin Figgins. Anosov diffeomorphisms. (pdf)
  • William J. Garland. An introduction to the Jacobian conjecture. (pdf)
  • Pol Gomez Riguelme. Number fields: an introduction to algebraic number theory. (pdf)
  • Doron Leonardo Grossman-Naples. Finite manifolds and minimal finite models of closed surfaces. (pdf)
  • Leonardo Ferreira Guilhoto. An overview of artificial neural networks for mathematicians. (pdf)
  • Zachary Andrew Halladay. Bott periodicity and K-theory. (pdf)
  • Valerie Han. The graphon as a limit for dense graphs. (pdf)
  • Samuel A. Harder. Gibbs measures and symbolic dynamics. (pdf)
  • Cecilia Higgins. Ultrafilters in logic and set theory. (pdf)
  • Amin Said Idelhaj. Elliptic curves and dreams of youth. (pdf)
  • Kenz Kallal. Ramification in algebraic number theory and dynamics. (pdf)
  • Jacob James Keller. Beilinson-Bernstein localization. (pdf)
  • Chin-Hsun (Paul) Lee. Introduction to topological quantum computation with anyons. (pdf)
  • Che Li. Introduction to Class Field Theory and Primes of the Form $x^2 + ny^2$. (pdf)
  • Xuan Li. The weierstrass preparation theorem and some applications. (pdf)
  • James Alexander Manchester. Geometric group theory. (pdf)
  • Eleanor Grace McSpirit. Homotopy theory from subdivisions of A-space models. (pdf)
  • Kameron Jordan Mehling. Introduction to ergodic theory with applications to physics. (pdf)
  • Colin Ni. Characteristic classes and obstruction theory. (pdf)
  • Adel Rahman. Quantum fields and knots. (pdf)
  • Matthew Scalamandre. Bredon cohomology and the Conner conjecture. (pdf)
  • Meryl Seah. Bayesian games: games of incomplete information. (pdf)
  • Calder Sheagren. Introduction to Hodge theory. (pdf)
  • Jae Hyung (John) Sim. The $p$-adic numbers and a proof of the Kronecker-Weber theorem. (pdf)
  • Saad Slaoui. Building up to the Pontryagin-Thom theorem and computation of $\pi_*(MO)$. (pdf)
  • Ellis Soodak. New perspectives on the first Rogers-Ramanujan identity: potential steps towards a simple bijective proof. (pdf)
  • Douglas J. Stryker. An Eigenvalue Approach to Sphere Rigidity. (pdf)
  • Squid Tamar-Mattis. Error-correcting codes when error probability varies. (pdf)
  • Indraneel Tambe. Cubical structures of multi-fold internal categories. (pdf)
  • Arthur Oliveira Vale. Efficient proof net verification and sequentialization. (pdf)
  • Zijian Wang. Furstenberg's ergodic theory proof of Szemer\'edi's theorem. (pdf)
  • Yu (Alicia) Xiao. A brief introduction to knot theory. (pdf)
  • Kevin Yan. Global properties of plane and space curves. (pdf)
  • James Zhou. The method of conditional probabilities: derandomizing the probabilistic method. (pdf)
  • Yevgeniya Zhukova. A look at the functors Tor and Ext. (pdf)


    Dead links are to papers under revision

  • Philip Bell Adams. Undecidability and the structure of the Turing degrees. (pdf)
  • Will Asness. A brief overview of Alexandrov spaces. (pdf)
  • Carlos A. Azpurua. Root systems and a generalization of Catalan numbers. (pdf)
  • Harvey Barnhard. Approximating heavy traffic with Brownian motion. (pdf)
  • Alexander Tomas Burka. Hopf's theorem with elementary homology theory. (pdf)
  • Eli Javier Bussel. Martingale approximations for ergodic systems. (pdf)
  • Sofya Bykova. Chromatic numbers of random graphs. (pdf)
  • Nick Chaiyachakorn. De Rham's ttheorem twice. (pdf)
  • Yuchen Chen. p-Adics, Hensel's lemma and Strassman's theorem. (pdf)
  • Carson Collins. Covering spaces, graphs, and groups. (pdf)
  • Spencer Dembner. Forcing and the continuum hypothesis. (pdf)
  • Shamaul Dilmohamed. Genus theory and convenient numbers. (pdf)
  • Sylvia Durian. Some transfinite induction deductions. (pdf)
  • Alex Eastman. Differential Forms And their application to Maxwell's Equations. (pdf)
  • Suhas Gondi. An elementary proof of Mordell's theorem. (pdf)
  • Skuli Gudmundsson. The fundamentals of complex analysis and its immediate applications. (pdf)
  • Arushi Gupta. The p-adic integers, analytically and algebraically. (pdf)
  • Shaw Hagiwara. Convergence of the Fourier series. (pdf)
  • Max Johnson. ETCS, ordinals, and choice. (pdf)
  • Corry Ke. Introduction to one dimensional dynamics. (pdf)
  • Sang Hoon Kim. Representations of finite groups. (pdf)
  • Myles Alexander Kornfeld. Noether's theorem. (pdf)
  • Xiang (Sherry) Li. Marking a binary tree probabilistic analysis of a randomized algorithm. (pdf)
  • Neha Lingareddy. Calculating persistent homology using discrete Morse theory. (pdf)
  • Connor Lockhart. The continuum hypothesis. (pdf)
  • Jake William Nicoll. Fourier analysis and the wave equation. (pdf)
  • Carlos Olivares. Hyperbolic geometry, Fuchsian groups, and tiling spaces. (pdf)
  • Elizabeth Ombrellaro. Random walks and the probability of returning home. (pdf)
  • Katherine Ottenbreit. Quadratic reciprocity law. (pdf)
  • Mark Schachner. Algebraic and analytic properties of arithmetic functions. (pdf)
  • Eric Shang. Introduction to Markov chains and Markov chain mixing. (pdf)
  • Xinyu Shi. Cryptography and number theory. (pdf)
  • Aleksander Skenderi. Quadratic forms, reciprocity laws, and primes of the form $x^2 + ny^2$. (pdf)
  • Renyi Tang. Counting points on elliptic curves over $F_q$. (pdf)
  • Lia Troy. Simplicial homology and the classification of compact surfaces. (pdf)
  • Kaixin Wang. Fundamental theorem of the local theory of curves. (pdf)
  • Geoffrey West. Measure theory and the central limit theorem. (pdf)

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