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APPRENTICE PROGRAM: Linear Algebra and Combinatorics

ALGEBRA, TOPOLOGY, ETC: Scissors congruence groups

TOPOLOGY: finite spaces and TQFTs

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Dead links are to papers under revision

  • Will Adkisson. An overview of knot invariants. (pdf)
  • Fernando Al Assal. Entropy, speed and spectral radius of random walks. (pdf)
  • Mario Alegre, Pedro Juarez, and Hani Pajela. Statistics about polynomials over finite fields. (pdf)
  • Qingci An. Hyperbolic plane as a path metric space. (pdf)
  • Eric Antley. Towards the prime number theory. (pdf)
  • Karen Butt. The Gauss-Bonnet theorem. (pdf)
  • Santiago Chaves Aguilar. A survey on Representation Theory. (pdf)
  • Wenyu Chen. The notion of mixing and rank one examples. (pdf)
  • Xi (Cathy) Chen. Cores of Alexandroff spaces. (pdf)
  • Rafael Wingester Ribeiro de Oliveira. The Stone representation theorem for Boolean algebras. (pdf)
  • Effy Fang. An application of probability theory in finance: the Black-Scholes formula. (pdf)
  • Nathan Gill. Deterministic and stochastic models of infectious disease: circular migrations and HIV transmission dynamics. (pdf)
  • Leonid Gladkov. Topics in graph theory. (pdf)
  • Yi Guo. Unique factorization of ideals in O_K. (pdf)
  • Peter J. Haine. Bundles, Stiefel-Whitney classes, and braid groups. (pdf)
  • John Halliday. The Riemann-Roch theorem and Serre duality. (pdf)
  • Pedro Juarez, and Hani Pajela. Statistics about polynomials over finite fields. (See Alegre)
  • Mikayla Kelley. Using ultrapowers to characterize elementary equivalence. (pdf)
  • Zachary Kirsche. Topological K-theory. (pdf)
  • Fizay-Noah Lee. Hopf bifurcation in a low-dimensional subcritical instability model. (pdf)
  • Jackson Macor. A brief introduction to type theory and the univalence axiom. (pdf)
  • Brian McDonald. Applications of prime factorization of ideals in number fields. (pdf)
  • Rachel McEnroe.Milnor's construction of exotic 7-spheres. (pdf)
  • Benjamin McKenna. Random walks and the uniform measure in Gromov-hyperbolic groups. (pdf)
  • Alex Mine. Modulo forms and applications in number theory. (pdf)
  • Seth Musser. From Hamiltonian systems to Poisson geometry. (pdf)
  • Ng Hoi Hei Janson. Line bundles over flag varieties. (pdf)
  • Adele Padgett. An investigation into covers of some finite spaces. (pdf)
  • Hani Pajela. Statistics about polynomials over finite fields. (See Alegre)
  • Sun Woo Park. Existence of Frobenius element and its applications. (pdf)
  • Alex Pieloch. Complexes associated to a surface and the mapping class group. (pdf)
  • Peter Robicheaux. Classifications of the flows of linear ODE. (pdf)
  • Nicolae Sapoval. Higher reciprocity laws. (pdf)
  • Zachary Smith. Compact Riemann surfaces: a threefold categorical equivalence. (pdf)
  • Aaron Geelon So. Quantum computing: efficient prime factorization. (pdf)
  • Jasha Sommer-Simpson. Barycentric subdivision and isomorphisms of groupoids. (pdf)
  • Jonathan Sorce. Transport on smooth manifolds: fiber bundles, connections, and covariant derivatives. (pdf)
  • Daniel Spiegel. Hamiltonian systems and Noether's theorem. (pdf)
  • Ingrid Starkey. Homology theories. (pdf)
  • Matthew Steed. Some theorems and applications of Ramsey theory. (pdf)
  • Danny Stoll. A brief introduction to complex dynamics. (pdf)
  • Eric Thoma. Results on Fourier multipliers. (pdf)
  • Sohini Upadhyay. Gauss-Bonnet for discrete surfaces. (pdf)
  • Randall R. Van Why. Exploring the topology of spaces of polynomials via vector bundle theory. (pdf)
  • Bowen Wang. Introduction to class field theory. (pdf)
  • Weian Wang. Applications of the Birkhoff ergodic theorem. (pdf)
  • Boris Xu. Polynomials with specified root multiplicities. (pdf)
  • Peter Xu. The Grothendieck-Riemann-Roch theorem for varieties. (pdf)
  • Joo Heon Yoo. Lie groups, Lie algebras, and applications in physics. (pdf)
  • Victor Zhang. Model theory for algebraic geometry. (pdf)
  • Yiguang Zhang. Topics on evasiveness of graphs. (pdf)
  • Yuzhou (Joey) Zou. Entropy and kinetic formulations of conservation laws. (pdf)


    Dead links are to papers under revision

  • Megan Adamo. Characterizing the orbits of the rotation map. (pdf)
  • Frimpong Apenteng Baidoo. Uniform convergence of Fourier series. (pdf)
  • Adam Black. The Euler characteristic of finite topological spaces. (pdf)
  • Kasper Borys. Domino tiling. (pdf)
  • Avery Broome. The role of topology in the study of evolution. (pdf)
  • Wei Han Chia. The topological approach to social choice. (pdf)
  • Matthew Correia. A few applications of differential forms. (pdf)
  • Timothy Csernica. Extinction in single and mult-type branching processes. (pdf)
  • Isaac Friend. Finite suspensions and finite $H$-spaces fail to model the topological group $S^1$. (pdf)
  • Robert Green. Vizing's theorem and edge-chromatic graph theory. (pdf)
  • Parker Haviza. Some mathematical foundations of cryptography. (pdf)
  • Daniel Hendrycks. Duality in convex optimization and its application to support vector machines. (pdf)
  • Ryan Hopkins. Finite metric spaces and their embedding into Lebesgue spaces. (pdf)
  • Gregory Howlett-Gomez. Bonnet's theorem and variations of arc length. (pdf)
  • Steven krawcyk. A brief introduction to geometric group theory. (pdf)
  • Jack Kurila. The n-dimensional Stokes' theorem. (pdf)
  • Zixiong Liu and Shayon Sengupta. Representation theory in Fourier analysis and probability. (pdf)
  • Becky Lytle. Introduction to the convergence of sequences. (pdf)
  • Elinore McLain. The Cauchy integral formula: the logic behind it and its applications. (pdf)
  • David Ran. An introduction to the fundamental group. (pdf)
  • Diego Andres Bejarano Rayo. Introduction to non-standard analysis. (pdf)
  • Zixiong Liu and Shayon Sengupta. Representation theory in Fourier analysis and probability. (See Liu).
  • Alejandro Desatnik Sod. Free groups and trees: an introduction to geometric group theory. (pdf)
  • Taylor Sutton. Eilenberg-MacLane spaces as a link between cohomology and homotopy. (pdf)
  • Sagar Tikoo. Introduction to Fourier analysis. (pdf)
  • Joshua Wakefield. Finite spaces and applications to the Euler characteristic. (pdf)
  • Linfeng Xu. Roman domination. (pdf)
  • Jiayang Zhao. Evasiveness of bipartite graph properties. (pdf)
  • Arieh Zimmerman. Representation theory of finite groups and Burnside's theorem. (pdf)

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    These activities are financed in part by the University of Chicago RTG grant (DMS-1344997)