What kind of math? Photo Challenge 

  This new flyer from the AMS has generated some controversy:


  As Isabel Vogt pointed out, "male students on the card list pure math topics, and the female students have 
  "Applied Math", "Actuarial Science" and "Math Education"... Really?" 

  What do real mathematicians have to say?  Check it out! 
    Courtesy of Tullia Dymarz  (who got this whole thing started!)

    (this one's mine)

     From David Vogan

     From Jenny Wilson

     A pair of photos from Emily Norton

     Superhero math power circle!  Thanks, Evelyn Lamb (who also submitted the photo below)     


      Thanks, Darren Ong!

  Got a picture of some mathematician friends?  Word-bubble it and I'll post it here!    
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  p.s. if you appear in some photo here and want it taken down, let me know too!