Abelian Varieties

Meetings are over for the semester!

In previous meetings:

Guanyu talked about Definitions; basic properties (Milne, I.1).

I talked about Abelian varieties over \CC (Milne, I.2). (Here are notes.)

Jake talked about Rational maps into abelian varieties (Milne, I.3).

I talked about how Abelian varieties are projective (Milne, I.6). (Here are notes.)

Guanyu talked about The theorem of the cube (Milne, I.5).

Jake talked about Isogenies (Milne, I.7).

I talked about The dual abelian variety (Milne, I.8). (Here are notes.)

Guanyu talked about Riemann surfaces (Forster, "Riemann surfaces") and Introduction (Milne, Introduction).

Jake talked about Endomorphisms of elliptic curves.