TCC event day in number theory

This is a one day graduate student conference being held at Imperial College in April. All graduate students working in the UK in number theory or related fields are invited to attend!


11am -- 6pm, 13th April 2015.


Room 139, Huxley Building, Imperial College London, South Kensington campus SW7 2AZ. Nearest tube station: South Kensington.
Campus map.


For a full schedule and abstracts, see here.

11am Arrival, registration
11:15am Student talks
13:00pm Lunch
2:00pm Student talks
3:15pm Coffee
3:30pm Student talks
4:45pm Break
5:00pm Student talks
6:15pm Dinner

Funding and registration

To register, send an email to containing the following information:

Registered participants

Alejandro Argaez, Warwick
Francesca Balestrieri, Oxford*
Robin Bartlett, UCL
Alex Betts, Oxford
Chris Birkbeck, Warwick
Matthew Bisatt, Warwick
Chris Blake, Cambridge
Florian Bouyer, Warwick*
James Cann, UCL
Marco Caselli, Warwick
Antonio Cauchi, UCL
Dimitrios Chatzakos, UCL*
Cangxiong Chen, Cambridge*
Zexiang Chen, Cambridge
Sam Chow, Bristol
Andy Corbett, Bristol*
Heline Deconinck, Warwick*
Netan Dogra, Oxford*
Oli Gregory, Exeter
Yukako Kezuka, Cambridge
Angelos Koutsianas, Warwick
Niko Laaksonen, UCL
Peter Latham, UEA*
Riccardo Maffucci, KCL
Maria Adelina Manzeatu, Warwick
Jolanta Marzec, Bristol
Adam Morgan, Bristol*
Simon Rydin Myerson, Oxford*
Kayvan Nejabati-Zenouz, Exeter
Chris Nicholls, Oxford
Jack Shotton, Imperial
Matthew Spencer, Warwick*
Raphael Steiner, Bristol
Alex Torzewski, Warwick*
Kwok-Wing Tsoi, UCL
Mike Tyler, Exeter
David Watson, Exeter
Jan Vonk, Oxford*

Speakers marked with a *.