University of Chicago Number Theory Seminar

Spring 2013: Tuesday 1:30-2:50pm, room E202

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NOTE: new room this quarter.

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    April 2

    Hélène Esnault
    (Freie Universität Berlin)

    Index of varieties over Henselian fields and Euler characteristic of coherent sheaves (joint with Marc Levine and Olivier Wittenberg)

    April 16

    Ana Caraiani
    (University of Chicago)

    Patching and p-adic local Langlands
    The p-adic local Langlands correspondence is well understood for GL2(Qp), but appears much more complicated when considering GLn(F) where either n>2 or F is a finite extension of Qp.... (Show Abstract)

    April 23

    George Pappas
    (Michigan State University)

    The local structure of reductions of Shimura varieties with parahoric level

    April 30

    Valia Gazaki
    (University of Chicago)

    A filtration of the group CH0 for an abelian variety A
    In this talk I will define a new filtration of the group CH0(A) of zero cycles modulo rational equivalence for an abelian variety A over a field k.... (Show Abstract)

    May 7

    Jacob Tsimerman
    (Harvard University)

    The Generic Abelian Variety over Q is not Isogenous to a Jacobian
    We discuss an old question of Katz and Oort, asking whether there exists an Abelian variety over the rationals not Isogenous to any Jacobian.... (Show Abstract)

    May 14

    Pei-Yu Tsai
    (Harvard University)

    On local newforms for SO(2n+1)
    Let F be a p-adic local field and π be an irreducible smooth representation of PGL(2,F). The theory of local newforms established by Casselman shows that the fixed vectors of the congruence subgroups Γ0(pm) of PGL(2,F) encode many invariants of the representation.... (Show Abstract)

    May 21

    Davide Reduzzi
    (University of Chicago)

    Galois representations and torsion in the cohomology of Hilbert modular varieties
    Let F be a totally real number field, p a prime unramified in F, and M the Hilbert modular variety for F (of some fixed level prime to p) defined over a finite field of characteristic p. I will explain how exploiting the geometry of M.... (Show Abstract)

    May 22 (different time and room) 3:30-4:45PM in RY 358

    Ashay Burungale

    P-rigidity and Iwasawa μ-invariants
    Let F be a totally real field with ring of integers O and p be an odd prime unramified in F. Let P be a prime above p. A mod p Hilbert modular form associated to F is determined by its restriction to the partial Serre-Tate deformation space.... (Show Abstract)

    May 28

    Brian Conrad
    (Stanford University)

    Pseudo-reductive groups in characteristic 2
    In 1978 Borel and Tits introduced the notion of ''pseudo-reductive'' group to attack questions about general smooth connected affine groups over imperfect fields k (e.g., rational conjugacy of maximal k-split tori, handling Zariski closures of abstract groups of k-points, etc.), but they got stuck due to the lack of a good structure theory.... (Show Abstract)

    June 4

    Xinwen Zhu
    (Northwestern University)

    Geometric Satake and cycles on modular varieties
    I will explain how the ideas from the geometric Satake lead to a construction of certain cycles on the special fibers of modular varieties.... (Show Abstract)

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