University of Chicago Number Theory Seminar

Spring 2012: Wesnesday 3:30-5pm, room Eckhart 312

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Note the new time this quarter.

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    March 28

    Nicolás Ojeda Bär
    (Harvard/U Chicago)

    Towards a cohomological construction of Breuil-Kisin modules
    I will present an approach to the construction of Breuil-Kisin modules using crystalline cohomology .... (Show Abstract)

    April 10

    Pierre Matsumi
    (Inst. Math. Sci. at Chennai)

    Class field theory for varieties over local fields via Bloch's exact sequence
    (Note the different time: Tuesday)
    30 years ago, Spencer Bloch proved class field theory for arithmetic surface X. .... (Show Abstract)

    April 11

    Deepam Patel
    (Indiana U at Bloomington)

    Motivic Structures on higher homotopy theory
    In this talk, we will construct a motivic structure on the n-th homotopy group of Pn minus n+2 hyperplanes in general position. .... (Show Abstract)

    April 16

    Byoung Du Kim
    (Victoria Univ of Wellington)

    Two-variable p-adic L-functions of modular forms for non-ordinary primes.
    (Note the different time: Monday 3pm, and different room E308)
    We construct a two-variable p-adic L-function of an eigenform .... (Show Abstract)

    May 1

    Preston Wake
    (Univ of Chicago)

    Hecke algebras for p-adic modular forms
    (Note the different time: Tuesday 3pm, and different room RY358)
    We consider the Eisenstein component of the Hecke algebra for ordinary p-adic modular forms ....(Show Abstract)

    May 2

    Robert Harron
    (Univ. of Wisconsin)

    L-invariants of symmetric powers of modular forms
    In this talk, I'll discuss the Iwasawa theory of symmetric powers of modular forms ....(Show Abstract)

    May 9

    Jared Weinstein
    (Boston Univ)

    Crystalline Dieudonné theory over semiperfect rings
    The theory of the Dieudonné crystal attaches a linear algebra object to a Barsotti-Tate group .... (Show Abstract)

    May 11

    Sug Woo Shin

    Fields of rationality for automorphic representations
    (Note the different time: Friday 2:30pm, Room Ryerson 358)
    Loosely speaking, the field of rationality for a normalized modular form is the extension field of Q generated by the coefficients in its q-expansion .... (Show Abstract)

    May 16

    Tetsushi Ito
    (Kyoto University)

    Endoscopy and the l-adic cohomology of the Rapoport-Zink space for GSp(4)
    In this talk, we consider supercuspidal representations in the cohomology of the Rapoport-Zink space for GSp(4) in each degree .... (Show Abstract)

    May 23

    Matthew Morrow
    (Univ of Chicago)

    An idelic modification of the Gersten conjecture in K-theory
    I will describe some recent work towards the construction of a framework which would allow us to use idèle-type resolutions to compute the cohomology of sheaves of K-groups on arbitrary schemes .... (Show Abstract)

    May 30

    Thomas Haines
    (Univ of Maryland)

    A Tannakian approach to Bruhat-Tits buildings and parahoric group schemes
    I will explain a Tannakian formalism which describes each parahoric group scheme as an automorphism group .... (Show Abstract)

    June 6

    Jack Thorne
    (Harvard University)

    Residually reducible Galois representations and the Fontaine-Mazur conjecture
    (Note the different time: Wednesday 1:30pm, same room: Eckhart 312)
    A theorem of Skinner-Wiles states that an odd, ordinary 2-dimensional p-adic Galois representation which is residually reducible is automatically modular ....(Show Abstract)

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