University of Chicago Number Theory Seminar

Fall 2012: Tuesday 1:30-2:50pm, room E202

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Note the new time and room this quarter.

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  • Geometric Langlands Seminar Monday and Thursday 4:30pm
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  • UIC Number Theory Seminar Tuesday 3pm

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    October 2

    David Helm
    (U Texas at Austin)

    The integral Bernstein center and the local Langlands correspondence for GLn in families
    We describe several results and conjectures on the behavior of local Langlands correspondence when the Weil group representation varies in a family.... (Show Abstract)

    October 9

    Kai-Wen Lan
    (Univ of Minnesota)

    Galois representations for regular algebraic automorphic representations over CM fields
    I will report on the construction of p-adic Galois reprensentations for regular algebraic cuspidal automorphic representations of GL(n) over CM (or totally real) fields.... (Show Abstract)

    October 16

    Majid Hadian-Jazi
    (U Illinois at Chicago)

    On a Motivic Method in Diophantine Geometry
    We combine Kim's recent method in Diophantine geometry with Deligne-Goncharov's theory of motivic fundamental groups to develop a machinery for studying integral points ....(Show Abstract)

    October 23

    Keerthi Madapusi
    (Harvard University)

    The Tate conjecture for K3 surfaces over fields of odd characteristic.
    Using the theory of integral canonical models of Shimura varieties of orthogonal type, we extend the Kuga-Satake construction to odd characteristic .... (Show Abstract)

    Note also: talk in Geometry/Topology Seminar 3pm-4pm Room 308
    Congruence subgroups and stability by Frank Calegari from Northwestern
    We present various approaches to understanding the cohomology of congruence subgroups in the stable range, and discuss their (conjectural) relationship with number theory .... (Show Abstract)

    October 30

    Jennifer Balakrishnan
    (Harvard University)

    Iterated Coleman integration, p-adic heights and integral points on curves
    We will discuss iterated Coleman integrals and outline how they can be computed in practice for hyperelliptic curves ....(Show Abstract)

    November 6

    Chung Pang Mok

    Endoscopic classification for quasi-split unitary groups
    We report on the work on endoscopic classification for quasi-split unitary groups, following Arthur's methods ....(Show Abstract)

    Note also: the speaker will give another talk in Algebraic Geometry Seminar 4:30pm-6pm Room 312
    Introduction to endoscopic classification of automorphic representations on classical groups
    The recent work of Arthur on endoscopic classification .... (Show Abstract)

    November 13
    (Two talks on this day)

    Romyar Sharifi
    (Univ of Arizona)

    On Galois groups of pro-p extensions with restricted ramification
    I will give a survey of older and newer applications of a cup product pairing in the Galois cohomology of cyclotomic fields with restricted ramification to the structure of certain Iwasawa modules and pro-p Galois groups .... (Show Abstract)

    Aaron Silberstein
    (Univ of Pennsylvania)
    Eckhart 308

    The Birational Anabelian Theorem for Surfaces over Q
    (Joint Geometry/Topology and Number Theory Seminar)
    The "yoga" of Alexandre Grothendieck's program of anabelian geometry dictates ....(Show Abstract)

    November 20

    Florian Herzig
    (Univ of Toronto)

    Adequate subgroups
    In this talk we discuss work in progress showing that most subgroups of GLn that act irreducibly are adequate, provided that n < p .... (Show Abstract)

    November 27

    Matthew Emerton

    Local and global methods in the p-adic Langlands correspondence
    The p-adic Langlands correspondence attempts to relate p-adic Galois representations and p-adic representations of reductive groups ....(Show Abstract)

    December 4

    Nicolas Templier
    (Princeton University)

    Harmonic families of automorphic representations
    We establish a precise Plancherel equidistribution theorem for the local parameters of certain families of automorphic representations of reductive groups .... (Show Abstract)

    December 11

    Liang Xiao

    Goren-Oort stratification of Hilbert modular varieties
    I will discuss the geometric structure of the Goren-Oort stratification and various applications of the structure theorem .... (Show Abstract)

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