University of Chicago Number Theory Seminar

Winter 2011: Tuesday 4:15-5:45pm, room Eckhart 312

This is the homepage of Number Theory Seminar at University of Chicago.

Note the new time and room this quarter.

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    January 4

    Keerthi Madapusi

    A rationality result for Hodge cycles on abelian varieties, with applications to arithmetic compactifications of Shimura varieties
    Let A be an abelian variety over a number field E ....(Show Abstract)

    January 11

    Ivan Fesenko
    (Univ. of Nottingham)

    The zeta integral on arithmetic surfaces and applications
    There are two adelic structures on arithmetic surfaces ....(Show Abstract)

    January 18

    Xinyi Yuan

    Height of the Gross-Schoen cycle
    I will present a Gross-Zagier type formula relating the height of the Gross-Schoen cycle ....(Show Abstract)

    January 25

    Michael Woodbury
    (Univ. of Wisconsin)

    Trilinear forms and subconvexity of the triple product L-function
    I will discuss how a formula of Ichino can be used to ....(Show Abstract)

    February 1

    Matthias Flach

    Weil-étale cohomology and Zeta functions of arithmetic schemes
    We discuss the description of leading Taylor coefficients of Zeta functions ....(Show Abstract)

    February 8

    Sarah Zerbes
    (Univ. of Exeter)

    Wach modules and Iwasawa theory of modular forms
    We construct a family of Coleman maps for positive crystalline p-adic representations ....(Show Abstract)

    February 15

    Alexander Paulin

    p-adic Geometric Class Filed Theory
    I'll show that there is a natural p-adic version of the Geometric correspondence in the Abelian case ....(Show Abstract)

    February 22

    Romyar Sharifi
    (Univ. of Arizona)

    Nekovar duality in p-adic Lie extensions of global fields
    Tate and Poitou-Tate duality are dualities for cohomology groups of Galois groups ....(Show Abstract)

    March 4
    Friday 3-4:30pm

    Brian Smithling
    (Univ. of Toronto)

    The combinatorics of local models for Shimura varieties
    (Note the different time)
    I will discuss some combinatorial problems on the enumeration of certain Schubert varieties ....(Show Abstract)

    March 8

    Takashi Suzuki

    Fontaine's property (Pm) and the local class field theory of Serre and Hazewinkel
    I will talk about how the local class field theory of Serre and Hazewinkel is applied to....(Show Abstract)

    March 10
    Thursday 3-4:30pm

    Benoît Stroh
    (Université Paris 13)

    Classicity and overconvergence
    (Note the different time)
    Coleman proved that any overconvergent modular form ....(Show Abstract)

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