University of Chicago Number Theory Seminar

Fall 2011: Wednesday 4-5:30pm, room E312

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    September 28

    Kiran Kedlaya

    Relative p-adic Hodge theory
    p-adic Hodge theory includes a classification of continuous linear p-adic representations .... (Show Abstract)

    October 5

    Tomer Schlank
    (Hebrew Univ)

    Étale Homotopy and Diophantine equations
    In this talk we will define a relative version of étale homotopy type Ét/S(X) ....(Show Abstract)

    October 12

    Zhiwei Yun

    Exceptional Lie groups as motivic Galois groups
    I will show how to use geometric Langlands theory to give a uniform construction of motives with motivic Galois groups E7, E8 and G2(Show Abstract)

    Thursday October 13, note James Arthur's talk TBA in Geometric Langlands Seminar.

    October 19

    Yifeng Liu

    More relative trace formulae
    I will introduce some new relative trace formulae toward the global Gan-Gross-Prasad conjecture ....(Show Abstract)

    October 26

    Ana Caraiani

    Local-global compatibility and monodromy
    Given a cuspidal automorphic representation of GL(n) over a CM field .... (Show Abstract)

    November 2

    Liang Xiao

    On family versions of some arithmetic conjectures
    We will discuss two examples: the parity conjecture for modular forms .... (Show Abstract)

    November 9

    David Geraghty

    Modularity lifting in weight 1
    We discuss a new approach for proving modularity of Galois representations in weight 1 over Q .... (Show Abstract)

    November 16

    Glenn Stevens
    (Boston University)

    Vanishing Cycles and the Jacquet-Langlands correspondence over the eigencurve
    We give a geometric construction of the Jacquet-Langlands correspondence .... (Show Abstract)

    November 23

    no speakers

    Thanksgiving break

    November 30

    Edward Herman

    Beyond Endoscopy for the Symmetric Cube L-function
    We give a detailed study of a beyond endoscopy approach to the symmetric cube L-function .... (Show Abstract)

    December 7

    Jordan Ellenberg
    (U of Wisconsin)

    Arithmetic Statistics and Algebraic Topology
    The subject of "arithmetic statistics" is the asymptotic study of arithmetic counting problems .... (Show Abstract)

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