University of Chicago Number Theory Seminar

Fall 2010: Friday 2:30-4:00pm, Room RY358

This is the homepage of Number Theory Seminar at University of Chicago.

Note the new time and room this quarter.

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    October 1

    Matthew Morrow

    A survey of two-dimensional adelic analysis.
    The rich theories of analysis and integration possessed ....(Show Abstract)

    October 8

    Tasho Kaletha
    (Princeton Univ.)

    Constructing super-cuspidal L-packets via isocrystals
    In a recent paper, DeBacker and Reeder have constructed L-packets ....(Show Abstract)

    October 15

    Toby Gee
    (Northwestern Univ.)

    Potential automorphy for compatible systems of l-adic Galois representations
    We will explain a new potential automorphy theorem ....(Show Abstract)

    October 22

    Luis Lomeli
    (Purdue Univ.)

    On the induction step of the Langlands-Shahidi method over a global function field
    We will give a presentation of the Langlands-Shahidi method ....(Show Abstract)

    October 29

    Michael Rapoport

    The Langlands-Kottwitz counting method beyond the parahoric case
    The LK-method is a way of counting the points ....(Show Abstract)

    November 5

    Peter Scholze

    A new approach to the Local Langlands Correspondence for GLn over p-adic fields
    We give a new local characterization of the Local Langlands Correspondence ....(Show Abstract)

    November 12

    Benoît Stroh
    (Univ. Paris 13)

    On the Kottwitz Conjecture at the Boundary
    In this talk, we will focus on the semi-simple L-function of non-compact Shimura ....(Show Abstract)

    Same day also Midwest Number Theory Day at U of Michigan

    November 19

    Kazuma Shimomoto
    (Meiji University)

    Bertini theorem and characteristic ideals over normal domains arising from Iwasawa theory
    I will start with the formulation of Bertini theorem ....(Show Abstract)

    November 23
    Tues 3-4:30pm

    Tatsuya Ohshita
    (Kyoto University)

    The higher Fitting ideal of the Iwasawa module of the ideal class groups over real abelian fields
    (Note the different time)
    Masato Kurihara (Keio Univ.) determined the higher Fitting ideal of the "minus-part" of Iwasawa modules ....(Show Abstract)

    November 26

    no speakers

    Thanksgiving break

    December 3

    Matthias Strauch
    (Indiana University)

    Jacquet-Langlands type character relations in the cohomology of deformation spaces of p-divisible groups and their coverings
    We will report about ongoing joint work with Y. Mieda on deformations of supersingular abelian surfaces ....(Show Abstract)

    December 10

    Jean-Francois Dat

    Non-abelian Lubin-Tate theory with integral l-adic coefficients
    We will explain how the integral l-adic cohomology of the Lubin-Tate towers ...(Show Abstract)

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