Math 153 - Calculus


The course syllabus is available here. Below you can find homework information and any supplementary materials for the class. If you spot mistakes/typos, then please let me know by e-mail!

The photograph shows a bust of the ancient Greek mathematician and philosopher Zeno of Elea: some of his famous paradoxes can be understood using the theory of convergent series developed in the course.


Homework 1
Homework 2
Homework 3
Homework 4
Homework 5
Homework 6
Homework 7
Homework 8
Homework 9


Here is some material to help you prepare for exams. Don't panic: remember that things could be a lot worse!

Midterm 1 Revision guide: Weeks 1-3
Practice test Solution
Actual exam Solution
Midterm 2 Revision guide: Weeks 4-6
Practice test Solution
Some additional exercises on induction and a note on the integral test
Actual exam Solution
Final Revision guide: Weeks 7-10
Practice test Solution
Actual exam Solution

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